Murders and Mysteries Blog
Well folks, it’s finally here.
Contrary to what the title implies, I and my guests won’t be discussing murder and mysteries all the time. Sometime I’ll have interviews with a wide variety of people-authors, agents, editors even readers from different genres.
One of my first interviews in the coming weeks is with the musical phenomenon Blade, aka Jenny.
Some of the mysteries that I and/or others might blog about are:
The mysteries of the universe
Why a man dies before his wife (most of the time)?
Will the world really in on 12/21/2012?
Which came first-the chicken or the egg?
Of course one of the great mysteries- is Elvis still alive and if so where is he living?
I won’t be posting daily but maybe weekly. After all this isn’t the only thing I’ve got other writings to do.
A short story to submit to the Mystery Writers of American anthology. If selected the story, as yet untitled which is unusual for me, will be in the 2012 MWA anthology.
Finish the 95,000 book, Target Acquired. The second in the Target Series.
Write AWOL. An 85,00 word count book staring Army CID Special Agent Emily Dahill.
So you can see I’m going to be busy for the next year at least.
Oh, sorry I forgot. Find an agent and/or editor to handle my books. For this I’ve given myself until June of this year and then if no agent/editor then I’ll self publish in e-book format.
So once again,
Welcome to Murders and Mysteries.

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