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Fear at 250 Feet-Part 2

A Special Agent Emily Dahill Story In the first episode, two weeks ago, we watched as Sgt. Emily Dahill taught two new MP’s a valuable lesson-expect the unexpected. As they flew to pick up a high profile al-Qaida prisoner, their … Continue reading

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Seven Suspense Sunday-1 Hello reader/commenter’s. This is my first blog post for 7SSS. You will also see a post for Six Sentence Sunday below. Sometimes the posts will be the same but this week NOT. This post is from my … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday-4

This, folks, is for Six Sentence Sunday. Not to be confused with 7SSS, which is seven suspense sentences. You are more than welcome to read and comment on either or both or neither, depending on your mood. I was going … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday-3

My first Sunday and last Sunday I introduced you to two different characters. In both cases at least one visitor was able to discern if the individual was good or evil. This week, keeping with my short existing tradition, I’m … Continue reading

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Fear at 250 feet- Part 1

A Special Agent Emily Dahill Story-4 Baghdad, The Green Zone Late afternoon sun beat down on Sergeant Emily Dahill, along with two fellow MP’s, as they impatiently waited for the helicopter to be preflighted. She frowned when she glanced at … Continue reading

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Aid to Japan

Over the past several days things have gone from bad to worse in Japan. Now there are serious concerns about some of their nuclear reactions melting down. To do your part click on the link below-

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Six Sentences Sunday-2

Last Sunday you read about someone standing ‘in front of the open gate’ at what he thought might be a ‘gated community’. And someone even thought the individual might, repeat might, be the hero. Today I thought step a little … Continue reading

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Another Emily Dahill Story

Tuesday, 15 March 2011, I’ll have another Special Agent Emily Dahill story up. But, this time she won’t be a CID agent but a sergeant in an MP unit in Iraq. Sorry but no Dakota.

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Healing Hearts-A review

Healing Hearts by Taryn Kincaid is a must read for those of you who love the Regency period. Add the backdrop of the Napoleonic War and the story becomes even more powerful. Taryn weaves a story of love-hate-love with skill, … Continue reading

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Ladies and gentlemen, Today I have an old friend as my guest-Jeff Mehalic, esq. As you can surmise from the title he will be discussing self publishing. So without further ado I give you Jeff Mehalic Lindsay, thank you very … Continue reading

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