Six Sentence Sunday-3

My first Sunday and last Sunday I introduced you to two different characters. In both cases at least one visitor was able to discern if the individual was good or evil.

This week, keeping with my short existing tradition, I’m presenting yet another character. Since the WIP, Target Acquired, is in its infancy I’m not sure exactly what roll this particular person will play in the grand scheme of things.

Pickering, this week’s character, is what you might consider your typical English butler. Stiff. Stuffy. Proper. Overbearing.

So without further ado I give you, drum roll please, Pickering.

Pickering’s eyes brightened when he heard Jack make reference to his rank. “I sympathize with you, Si . . .Sergeant. I was a sergeant in the Royal Guards so I understand. So I guess ‘yo homie’ is out then?” Pickering snickered.

“Careful Pickering or your face’ll crack if you grin too much,” Maggie teased, then to Jack, “Sorry. He’s been watching too much American TV ever since Da got the satellite dish.”


And a shameless request.

If anyone has writer friends/contacts in England, I’m trying to get a hold of a TV show that was broadcast several years ago. The show was filmed in the Devon, Cornwall area and is entitled ‘Crime Scene’. Any help would be appreciated as I need it for research for my WIP.

Thanks in advance.

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22 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday-3

  1. Sarah Grimm says:

    Great six! I really like Pickering.

  2. sassyspeaks says:

    He sounds like a keeper – so much can be done with “stuffy” butlers – and I have gone on to someone other than Chester this week, sigh

  3. Pippa Jay says:

    ‘yo homie’, hehehehe!

    • Lindsay says:

      Since this six is in the first 10,000 words I really haven’t decided what Pickering’s place in the story is going to be. That’s one of the joys of being a panster, never know until you write what the characters is going to turn out like.
      I can, even at this early stage promise that he’ll be interesting.

  4. Actually, Pickering doesn’t sound all that stuffy at all! Interested to see where you’re going with this.

    (When I hear Pickering, I think “My Fair Lady,” but this is entirely different!)

    • Lindsay says:

      When I came up with the name Pickering I didn’t even think ‘My Fair Lady’. I just wanted a unique name for him.
      And Taryn, the scene sequence I’m writing now will bring out more of him and his, shall we say, checkered history.

  5. Marie Dees says:

    Yo Hommie! Great six!

  6. Pickering sounds like a fun Butler, sharp with his wit 🙂 Nice job…a Brit Butler in America, you could have loads of fun with that set up!
    As for the British TV show… it doesn’t ring a bell, but then again I was never one for crime type shows. Only one I can think of is Midsommer Murders, Jonathan Creek Mysteries and Wycliffe — as for shows set in the Cornwall area… Doc Martin, but that’s not a mystery — funny as heck though 🙂

    • Lindsay says:

      JoAnn, Actually this story takes place in England. The second book in a series.
      The show I’m trying to locate wasn’t your normal TV show but from what I understand sort of a documentary about how the police investigate a crime scene.

  7. Do you know Sherry Gloag? She’s in the UK, not sure where. This is her blog and I know following one of the links here gets to her email contact.

  8. Cate Masters says:

    Fun snippet! Pickering’s a hoot.

  9. Lorien Velez says:

    Lol! Great dialogue. Very amusing. 🙂

  10. Laura Kaye says:

    A Brit with wit! Great!

  11. I was thinking a historical regency-type butler, then he tossed in the hommie line and I bust up giggling. This one was sure fun to read.

    • Lindsay says:

      See, never believe at what you read but tak in the whole scene. who knows, maybe I might even slip in a murder or something where you least expect it.

  12. Ella Drake says:

    I thought the same as Christa! –even though I read the first snippet you posted. Momentarily forgot it was contemp until “homie” then I remembered!

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