Six Sentence Sunday-4

This, folks, is for Six Sentence Sunday. Not to be confused with 7SSS, which is seven suspense sentences. You are more than welcome to read and comment on either or both or neither, depending on your mood.

I was going to give you all another snippet featuring our favorite butler, Pickering. However, I decided to introduce a different character. And boy, is this guy a character.

Jack you met my first week here. To refresh your memory, he’s the one that thought the Earl of Godolphin lived in a gated community. There might be more on him later. Jack that is.

The Castle in this snippet is the home to the fictitious 10th Earl of Godolphin who you will be meeting at some future date. Sorry, don’t know when.

Kebi is a character in my finished full, Target Identified, which I’m self-pubbing this year.

Think I’ve got it all covered, except who the voice belongs to. Sorry but you’ll have to wait until next Sunday to find out-maybe.

From the steady, even increase in the excited barking Jack suspected the dog was headed his direction, at full speed. Or at least toward the front of The Castle.

He would have loved to ignore the dog’s obvious excited call for help but two facts stopped him. First, the sound was similar to a collie he was very familiar with-Kebi. Second, and more importantly, he, in the distance, heard a very familiar female voice call out to the dog.

“Nibs, freeze, or it’s back to your mother with you.”

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And don’t forget to come back Tuesday the 29th for Part 2 of ‘Terror at 250 Feet’.

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27 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday-4

  1. sassyspeaks says:

    maybe I got confused ? your six seems longer than six – and
    coming from. From the steady
    you might wish to change one of the “froms”
    — I was hoping for more Pickering …. (which is a city in Ontario where I live )
    You do sound a bit frazzled…

  2. One line of dialogue, and I already like the mystery woman who’s speaking. 😀 Great lines!

  3. Enjoyed the snippet. I love stories with castles.

  4. More Pickering, please. LOL. I totally loved your Pickering snippet 🙂 A character to love! Hope you’ll be posting more of him in the future 😉

    Nice six this week, too!
    “Nibs, freeze, or it’s back to your mother with you.”
    LOVE IT!

  5. Fun! Looking forward to finding out who this familiar female voice belongs to.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Sorry but you’ll have to wait a week or two. Seems I’m getting requests for more Pickering

  7. Well, I’m definitely intrigued by this. And anytime there’s an earl in the vicinity, I’m in! (As long as he’s not the bad buy!)

  8. um, “guy.” That “buy” should have been “guy.”

  9. Lauri J Owen says:

    Very intriguing six!

  10. Ah , the Godolphins…of the Godolphin Arabian fame.

    Love the female dialogue here. Great six!

    • Lindsay says:

      When I was researching places in England for the story to take place I, having been a horse owner, recognized the name and thought it perfect.

  11. I get the distinct feeling he knows the owner very well! Great job!

  12. Very intriguing six! I think the bit of dialogue was my favorite as well. Very “telling”.

  13. Lorien Velez says:

    Great snippet! You definitely grabbed my attention. 🙂

  14. Great six! loved the dialog!

  15. Lindsay says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a few words can say so much.

  16. Ella Drake says:

    Wonder if Nibs will freeze, LOL.
    Great snippet.

  17. I really njoyed this – love when a good collie can be worked into an intriguing plot!

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