Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday- Week 2

Again this snippet is from my soon to be released Target Identified.

The two ladies are on their way to meet with Alison’s father, Ezra. He tolerates a lot, as long as it doesn’t interfere with work. A few days ago Alison got a tattoo surrounding her bellybutton and the area is still tender to the touch. So here we have Maggie, Alison’s friend, confidant, co-conspirator, and all around untypical daughter to an English Earl show Alison her concern.

“Still hurt?” If there was any sympathy in Maggie’s voice Alison didn’t hear it.


Maggie laughed at her friend’s obvious pain, but had a better idea instead. “You know your dad’s going to be ripped, don’t you? Remember how off the wall he was when you got the butterfly tat? Now this!”

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4 Responses to Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday- Week 2

  1. sassyspeaks says:

    does this snippet go with the ones from six ? same characters no ? if read together would get fuller pic – yep I will do that

  2. Great 7-sentence excerpts, Lindsay. So glad you joined Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday, and looking forward to next week’s installment!

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