Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday-3

How time flies, when we’re having fun. That what we do every day. Have fun. Day in and day out. Write. Edit. Then repeat the process.

Then we get Sunday. The one

Here’s another snippet from my soon to be released Target Identified.

Hope you enjoy.

“Sorry to bother you miss, but I saw you crying. Thought you might need that.” His voice, satiny butter soft, drifted over her like a warm summer breeze. Barely delicate enough to gently rustle aspen leaves.

She tilted her head up, peering through teary eyes toward the voice, a saddened smile on her face. “Thanks.” Scrunching the cloth in her hand she dabbed her eyes before returning the damp cloth to him.

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One Response to Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday-3

  1. Another great S7SS post, Lindsay. Can’t wait for next week’s edition…and the release of Target Identified. 🙂

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