Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday-4

Again this passage is from my completed full Target Identified.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with collies, they herd. People. Cats. Even each other. Trust me, my late wife and I use to have two and they’d take turns herding each other.

But, what else can and will the herd. Read on and you’ll find out. BTW-this snippet was taken from several real life experiences.

Before Alison could catch him, he was on his paws yapping and nipping at the elusive crustaceans. One eye out for a snapping claw headed toward his nose or droopy ears.

The guests gathered on the porch or steps and laughed at his antics. Being a good herding collie he ignored the noise except for the one person he’d listen to.

“Bet he can untie knots.” Was the first thing that came to Alison’s mind, her hand pressed to her side from laughing so hard.

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One Response to Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday-4

  1. This is so funny! I have Border Collies 🙂 I can picture this vividly!

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