Sunday-May 1st

Two Sunday’s ago I introduced you all to Ian and his fiancee, Aimee. As we all remember she fainted. Of course, this story takes place in England so I probably could have said she ‘got the vapors’ or ‘swooned’. Both giving you the same idea as the more familiar ‘fainted’. And now we know why-from what she saw.

Then last week Ian got shot. Plain. Simple. No muss. No fuss.

But, here’s the interesting thing. No one asked about her.

Sunday you’ll find out. Well, sort of. The evil me is only going to give you part of the picture. Let’s just say, you’ll begin to get some sort of an idea of what will finally happen to her.

I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday and if I don’t get a chance or forget to mention it- Happy May Day to everyone.

Oh, and if you get a chance stop over at my Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday for a special announcement

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2 Responses to Sunday-May 1st

  1. ha ha! You’re right! I never even thought about her!

    • Lindsay says:

      That’s alright Joleene. You’re not the only one. It just sort of surprised me that in particular last Sunday no one asked after her when Ian was, ‘terminated with extreme prejudice’. Boy, I love that phrase. I’m going to have to use it sometime. Soon.

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