Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday-5

Well, after a short break, actually mixing 6SS & 7SSS last week, I’m back. This partial scene is from my upcoming, yes I’ve got a tentative date, June 1, release Target Identified.

Back on March 26th 7SSS I had a snippet about a note that Ezra Swanson had received. Now, a year later he’s gotten another, just as threatening and confusing note. Here we see two special agents from Army CID talking to him and his wife about the newest. If the name Dahill sound familiar that’s because he’s the father of Emily Dahill, who I’ve been writing about.

Cover for Target Identified done by Rae Mont, Inc.

Kimer slid the note in an evidence bag. He sealed and initialed, across the red tape and onto the clear plastic envelope. “And sorry, but nothing new on the original notes your family got either,” he said without looking up.

Dahill leaned forward, resting his chin on steepled fingers. “Ezra or Janice, do either of you know if Alison got a similar note also? Remember last year she was the recipient of one of the original threats?”

Ezra and his wife shared a knowing glance. 

What happened prior to this scene was Ezra had found the note where no one was suppose to be. Come back this Monday, May 2, to find out that the lines between fiction and reality can be crossed.

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2 Responses to Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday-5

  1. sue says:

    “knowing” looks … great cover ! who does your covers ??

  2. Lindsay says:

    Rae Monet does all my artwork.

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