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Promoting the Self-Published Author in 2011

By Rebecca Crowley, RTC Publicity Blog: Twitter: http://www.twitter/rtc_publicity Facebook: Linked-in : As my frequent readers know, I’ve been in the publishing industry, as both a publicist and marketer, for more than a decade.  When I first … Continue reading

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In honor of the brave women and men-

Thank you

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Six Sentence Sunday-13

Good Sunday everyone out there in SSS land. I hope that you’ve had a good weekend so far because it’s about to get better. This week we’re in Alison’s POV as she takes in Richard’s face. She’s already gotten a … Continue reading

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Six Sentence Sunday-12

With so many wondering last week what Alison and Ezra were looking out the window at, I thought I’d answer the question. Don’t get any ideas I’m turning soft on you, I’m not. But I can only do it in … Continue reading

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Jessica Scott – multitasker extraordinaire

Most of us have two jobs-writer and our regular job. At times that can be overwhelming. Today I’ve got someone who has more than that going on in her life. I’d like to welcome Captain Jessica Scott, USA to Murders … Continue reading

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Review of Deal with the Devil

For a German shot down over England during the blitz you’d think he’d be sent to a prisoner-of-war camp. Unless, this individual is not only a major but with the Wehrmacht, not the Luftwaffe. Then, as is learned quickly he’s … Continue reading

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Fear at 250 Feet-Part 5

A Special Agent Emily Dahill Story-8 A two months after returning home Overall body hurt forced Emily to lower herself into the lawn chair. She let a smile curl her lips with the knowledge this pain wasn’t from the injuries … Continue reading

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