Win an eCopy of Target Identified-Contest extended

This contest will run from midnight June 1 through midnight June something. I’ve got 10 copies to give away but don’t wait to be one of the luck ones.

All you have to do is be one of the first ten to answer a simple, easy question.

Go to either Amazon or Smashwords and read the Short Description.

Then come back here to read-

Blurb for Target Identified

The body count continues to rise. Unexplained stock transfers persist. Is there any connection between the two, or is it coincidence?

Ezra Swanson receives a mysterious note. Far more cryptic than the one he’d received the year before.

On the anniversary of her brothers funeral Alison Swanson observes a soldier place something by his headstone. Could this person hold a clue to what’s been going on, or is he the stranger she’d met twice before?

When she returns to Myrtle Beach, Sergeant Richard Bosch, the soldier from the funeral, is also staying there along with his collie.

Alison and Richard return to her parents’ home in DC only to find someone has kidnapped her father.

During their attempts to rescue her father, Alison and Richard confront a possible suspect, Shane Goodrich. Unfortunately, he has the perfect alibi.

Richard is captured when he sets out, with the help of several special ops friends, to rescue her father.

Now it falls on Alison, her feminine logic and planning to save not only her father but also Richard.

Identified and cornered will the perpetrator of the murders, kidnapping and stock thefts escape; or will they get what is coming to them?

When you finish reading both see if you can answer the following question.

Who is Alison’s ‘unusual partner’?

Answer the question in the comment section and I’ll contact the five lucky winners asking your choice of format. The choices are-PDF, EPUB and MOBI

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12 Responses to Win an eCopy of Target Identified-Contest extended

  1. I believe it is the collie – Richard’s collie.

  2. sue says:

    Yep the dog I agree

  3. My guess is Richard’s Collie 🙂

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  5. Only a few days left to win a copy of Target Identified.

  6. Ciara Knight says:

    I don’t want to enter to win. I’ll buy my copy. I’m actually off to do that now. 🙂

  7. It’s got to be the collie!

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