Several paragraphs from Target Identified since SSS is moving this weekend

When I got the email that Kay Springsteen was doing several paragraphs instead of Six Sentence Sunday, I thought what a great idea. The only problem, which several paragraphs do I tempt your palate with from Target Identified (See below for a chance to win a copy of my debut book or you could help support a starving writer and buy a copy.). So I thought and thought which is getting increasingly hard since I’m pounding away on the keyboard getting Target Acquired written and a new short story contract, more on that at a later date.
Then it came to me, why not share a little more of Alison and her relationship, no not with Richard, with Kebi.
And for those of you from Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday, go ahead and pick seven sentences to read but you’re more than welcome to read the whole passage.

“-Let’s put it this way, she’s suppose to be mine and was,” Richard stared daggers at Alison, “until she came along. Now I can barely get her to do anything. Like swimming. Before her, she’d never go near the water even at Aunt Maddie’s, now, she loves it. Either that or she does it to annoy the hell out of me.”
Janice didn’t have to think on how to answer that particular question. Since she’d done it so many times in the past. “Alison,” she beamed a loving motherly smile to her daughter. “has always been like that. Even as a child. For some reason, dogs, in particular collies, seem to respond to her. For example, several years ago we, Ezra, Alison and I were down at ‘Mother Rucker’. We saw a guard dog, leashed. Course you know how they behave, all bark and threatening. Well, Alison looked down at the dog and said, ‘why don’t you sit down and stop talking’ in that calming tone she has. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the guard dog did just that, much to the consternation, anger, frustration and embarrassment of the MP. She then walked right up to the dog, gave him a pat on the head.”
Richard shook his head, first looking at Janice then her daughter in total disbelief.
Alison could tell from the look Richard flashed at her that he didn’t believe a word her mother had said. She did her best to suppress the urge to bite his head off, but she pushed her chair back almost knocking it over. “Fine if you think it’s bull shit, sorry Mom, then I’ll prove it.” Intentionally she left out ‘I hope.’ “Go stand in front of the pool,” In anger, some at herself, but mostly at him she growled the words.
With a smug, ‘yeah, good luck’ expression in his eyes he followed her direction but made sure he grabbed his beer. “I’m waiting, for what I don’t know, probably nothing, is my guess.”
Alison, fought to keep her anger down which would only be counterproductive and walked over to Kebi. Getting down on her hands and knees she whispered in her ear, “Kebi, push daddy in the pool.”
Before Richard had a chance to blink, he went flying backwards into the pool.
Kebi, overly pleased with herself, lay down at the pool edge, ears perked up and cocked her head side to side. She watched as Richard struggled to the surface. A distinctly unhappy look on his face, which pleased Kebi so much she looked back at Alison for a reward. Food, which she got.
Alison watched the water glisten off his deeply tanned, lovely muscled chest. Her gaze slipped down to his damp stomach. The muscles now more pronounced from the mix of water and sun. She felt a dampness form between her thighs. She could feel her nipples pebble with the want of his chest pressed against her. His mouth suckling them. A desire to feel his naked skin on hers was growing. But, a cough from behind her quickly deflated any and all ideas of they could do if left alone. And in the dark, or light for that matter. She wasn’t particular.

So, who says dog isn’t man’s or in this case woman’s best friend. See you all back here next week with another six or someting like that.

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9 Responses to Several paragraphs from Target Identified since SSS is moving this weekend

  1. sue says:

    Great idea to post a paragraph – problem is no list to just click on someone’s blog. Since is like a holiday tomorrow we’re gonna take off out of town.

    nipples pebble – nice – good description
    guess that will teach Richard a thing or two (or three) 😀

    Been working on school work. And my muse woke me up with a story this morning but I have no idea what the story is. A page typed and a whole cast of characters I have no idea what to do with

  2. Time for mom to make a quick exit! Wonder if he’s convinced?

  3. J.A. Beard says:

    That kind of response could be very helpful later in more dangerous situations, too.

    “Push that bad guy off the building.” 🙂

  4. Ah, girls and their dogs!

  5. Pushing the bad guy off a building, short or tall, the building not him, isn’t as much fun as the way I have him or her disposed of. Then again, he (ed.) might not be freed from these mortal coils

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