The Irresistible Blog Award

I got this from Gunner who I’m already linked to. Thanks.

Here’s my seven things about me:

1-Cats not really but dogs, esp. collies YES. BTW, I’ve also got a psycho cat

2-I write contemorary mystery/suspense but read Regency

3-Addicted to Starbucks

4-I love to grill just about anything.

5-Rather listen to country music than anything

6-Always looking for more reviews

7-Thought I’d never need a smartphone. Now I can’t live without my iPhone.

Now I get to pass this on to seven others:

Lynn Rush

Ciara Knight


Jenna Jaxon


Heidi Ruby Miller

Anne K. Albert

Tag you’re all it. Have fun

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13 Responses to The Irresistible Blog Award

  1. sue says:

    Thanks for linking me 😀

    no pets – had a parakeet when I was a kid and a pet rock called Ralph later on
    I’ll write anything – it’s an addiction
    can’t drink coffee – but if did would be starbucks as Tim Hortons has narcotics in their coffee
    am a picky eater but if you grill it, I’ll eat it
    who are some good country artists – i’m out of touch
    just got a laptop which I am still learning to get along with

  2. Thanks so much for the link, Lindsay. 🙂

    7 things about me:
    -love cats
    -write mystery and romantic suspense
    -gotta have 3 cups of coffee each AM or there’s no point getting out of bed
    -I won’t start a bbq or grill to save my life, but put me in a remote bush area & the urge to start a campfire is overwhelming (Quick, call Smokey the Bear!)
    -I love the lyrics of country music. It’s a book all condenses into 3 minutes. And while I love any type of music, I rarely listen to it…I find it distracting when I write
    -as much as I love reading reviews of my books, it also terrifies me. Plus, I do not review other author’s books. I’ll gush and scream and shout about how much I enjoyed it, but ask me to put it in a serious review. Nope. Not gonna do it!
    -I love computers, but just found out my eyes are paying the consequences, so the next book is being written longhand. (Not sure if it will make a difference, but hey, I’m game.)

  3. I got the hit yeasterday and had no clue what to do. Then again at the same time I got ‘Tagged’ for something else and was totally lost.

  4. J.A. Beard says:

    Thanks for the link.

    1-I met my wife while leaving in a different country (I was stationed overseas and she was in the US)
    2-Allergic to cats
    3-I never broke a bone until a couple of years ago. Slipped on some ice.
    4-Even I can’t dance, I admire and watch a lot of dance stuff (ballet, hip-hop, whatever)
    5-Two kids
    6-I live in a place with brutal winters now, a few years ago I lived in Phoenix, AZ. LOL
    7-I’ve written a lot of books, but have published 0. 😐

  5. Lindsay says:

    Ah, a zoomie. Cav myself. That’s why I write Army. But then again AF does get the Army where they’re going.

    • J.A. Beard says:

      I always think about writing something military related, but just doesn’t seem to lend itself to the genres I write in. I’ve only written one book that was modern in setting (urban fantasy). Though it did have an ex-98-Gulf as a secondary character.

      • Lindsay says:

        That’s why I love contemprary because I can bring in the Army so easily. Besides Target Identified, see blurb below, I’m working on another Army series. See Emily Dahill, CID above.
        The Army just fits me like an M4 carbine or M-24 sniper rifle. Nice and comfortable

  6. Ciara Knight says:

    Thanks so much, Lindsay. I’ll put my answers up on my blog later this week.

  7. jennajaxon says:

    Thanks, Lindsay, for including me on your Irressistable Blog Award. But I wouldn’t have known about it if I hadn’t been very belatedly commenting on your SSS six! Glad I found it. I’ll post them on my blog tonight. Oh, and thanks for downloading Heart of Deception! Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  8. jennajaxon says:

    I’m a cat rather than a dog person, but have always loved collies (I’m of the Lassie generation); when I sell a novel, then I can afford to be addicted to Starbucks; I love Regencies, but currently am writing Georgian and contemporary; would rather listen to showtunes than country music; I’m a techno-phobe, so even texting is a challenge.

    This was an incredibly fun post.:)

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