Emily Dahill, CID Story- A Body in the Attic – Chapter 6 Part 1

And here, for your reading pleasure, is the next partial episode.

“Well,” Special Agent Mark Albright asked, as he settled his hip against his partner’s desk.

“Yeah, May called, and it looks like she’s got the information we need to put him away. Says he’s at Fort Del Gue, wherever the hell that is.”

“Montana. I was stationed there before getting my discharge. The CID agent in charge is some old guy who was just counting the days until he retires.”

Jenna looked up at her partner, not sure if she should break his bubble or not. The way he’d been busting her over this case, ever since they adopted it, said no. She knew who
the agent now assigned to the base was and was more than capable of handling
the situation. “So any ideas?” Yeah, let him do some thinking for a change.

“As senior agent-”, he started to say before she interrupted.

“By only two weeks.”

He glared down at her. “As I was saying, before being so rudely interrupted, we sit on it for now. We’ve been after this guy for the last several years and he’s always slipped through our net. But, not this time.” He slammed a fisted hand onto the desk top.

And before us, another team that moved on to other and more important assignments.

“So,” his tone condescending, “What did she have to say?”

Jenna made a point of ignoring his tone. A habit she’d learned to do a long time ago. “Not much really, just that she knew he’d admitted in killing two guys.”

“What about the last witness? Any word on him?”

Should she? Shouldn’t she? Jenna tossed the thought over in her mind. Yeah, not that he’s going to do anything about the information. “Yes. She told him, the last witness was not only living and working where she was, but he was her boss. I don’t know if it was luck or what that got them in the same place.”

“That’s because you can’t see past that thing you call a nose on your face. Of course it was a
setup. One of them planned it that way. Now we have to arrange for this guy’s death and make him disappear until we have enough to charge the other guy with. Then we, or I should say I, drag his ass back to testify in court.”

With a wave of her hand she, begrudgingly, accepted his decree. For now.

Now, more than ever, things became clear. There was something she had to do, but not with him around. Besides this case there was another bank robbery case that they’d just
gotten. A cold case. She loved them but wasn’t so sure about Mark. He, at times, seemed distracted in particular when they discussed this case. If she didn’t know better, she’d think he had something to hide.

“Mark, since you’re more familiar with the new case, do you mind going solo to interview the new witness? I’ll call the U.S. Marshals and make arrangements for the new target
to slip into WitPro, that is after we arrange his death.” Mentally, Jenna crossed her fingers in the hope he’d agree.

He glanced at his Rolex diver watch, his lips curled up in a smile. “First decent suggestion you’ve made today. Considering the time, I won’t bother coming back in. So, I’ll see you on Monday.” Without a good bye or good luck, Mark turned out and with his usual arrogance strolled out of the J Edgar Hoover Building.

Jenna didn’t wait until he was out of the building, just out of the office, before unlocking the bottom, left drawer on her desk. Unlike most agents with the FBI, she only used the
drawer for classified material. She knew several who would hide Via coffee packets in theirs.

Hers contained one file. Blazoned across its front, the seal of the FBI, with Top Secret-Your Eyes only splashed across the emblem. After the last, missed chance at catching
Jason Cullen, a leak had been suspected. As such, a special audit and investigation, into the background, of her partner had turned up anomalies.

Setting the folder on her desk, she broke the security tape on its side. Since being given the file, this was the first time she’d looked at it, wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt, without having her judgment clouded.

Opening the file, she flipped through sheets of paper until she found the one she needed. On the page, not what she had expected, but then again, what did she expect? After
looking at the name in the file, she turned to her computer. In seconds she had
the answer. Mark and Jason were half brothers. Same father, different mothers.
As she continued to read, more things started not to make sense. Where did Mark
grow up? When and where had he served in the Army?

What she couldn’t understand, why hadn’t the internal affairs department hauled him in?

Now, she turned her attention to a five by seven inch handwritten note.

Special Agent Jenna Janson-

If you’re reading this file, then you’ve learned why Special Agent Mark
Albright hasn’t been questioned as to his involvement in possibly leaking
classified information to the primary suspect in the case.

He has always been able to produce viable reasons why things happened
the way they did.

Your job will be to make sure he makes the mistake that will lead not
only to his arrest, but that of Jason Cullen.

She saw the note was signed by the Director.

Briefly she reviewed her conversation with Mark. She breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she hadn’t told him where the final witness and May were. At least they’re both safe for now.

Jenna glanced at the lower right corner of the computer monitor. She let a smile curl the corners of her lips. Grabbing her cell, she speed dialed a number which was answered
before the first ring finished sounding. “Montana, thirty minutes,” she said as she put the folder away and secured the drawer.

On the way to the airport, she placed another call, but this one went to voice mail.


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2 Responses to Emily Dahill, CID Story- A Body in the Attic – Chapter 6 Part 1

  1. Sue says:

    The plot thickens (I can’t do a German accent…)

  2. J.A. Beard says:

    A very dangerous game to be involved in. :/

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