Texas Twilight- Superb

Review for Texas Twilight by Caroline Fyffe

With the first three, repeat THREE, words Caroline takes us on one of the most fabulous rides I’ve ever read. And the action doesn’t stop at the period either but continues to build throughout the book. This historical western is set in 1886 in the Texas Badlands and when I finished reading the last page I knew Caroline was right; these were the Badlands.

John Jake McCutcheon has finished medical school and heads for Texas. He is set to take over the practice of the retiring doctor and bring the latest with him the newest, most innovative procedures available at the time, one will even surprise you as it did me.

As with any good great western story there are plenty of bad guys and several damsels, at least one or two at some point, in distress.

As an aficionado of western cinema I was more than pleased to find this book has all the elements of some of the great movies of the past, in particular those directed by John Ford and Howard Hawks.

For anyone interested in western history I strongly recommend not only this book but all her others for she put ‘wild’ in the ‘wild west.’

Using my trusted collie grading scale I’m giving this book 4 collies, a sheltie and a collie puppy. For those who aren’t familiar with this scale that equates to 4 ¾ points out of 5.

Texas Twilight is the second in the McCutcheon Family Series.

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6 Responses to Texas Twilight- Superb

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    the artwork on the cover is beautiful.

    Best selling author Lani Diane Rich visits
    Tossing It Out
    Wednesday November 16th.

  2. J.A. Beard says:

    Hrmm. Maybe I’ll check this out. Westerns have never fully clicked for me, but I’m always on the look-out for a good potential candidate.

  3. Ciara Knight says:

    Western history and such a high collie rating, I’ll check it out. 🙂 Great review!

  4. caroline says:

    Hey, Lindsay–Good morning! I’m thrilled with your review of TEXAS TWILIGHT! Thank you so much! I especially love your rating system, collies and shelties and puppies– LOL That’s really cute! (and original!)

    Thanks again for reading my book. I’m delighted that you loved it so much!

    You have an awesome Thanksgiving…..


  5. Sounds like a great book – and a great review, too 😉

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