Jennifer T Alli on-Why Paranormal?

Today I’d like to welcome a new and fabulous author, Jennifer T. Alli. She lives on the other side of the POND so bare with her as there could be a time lag between you asking a question and she replying.

Hiya guys,

I just want to say thanks for having me! It’s my first blog tour and so if I’m not doing things properly then just let me know. I thought I’d talk about why I write in my chosen genre because I have a copy of my paranormal romance book, Seared by Desire all ready to be given away.

Did you choose the paranormal genre or did it choose you?

I think it was a bit of both really. I started out reading fantasy and then progressed into paranormal romance. I started out with Sherrilyn Kenyon and by then moved on to Christine Feehan and by the time I got round to Kresley Cole I was hooked, a paranormal romance addict. There was so much potential in the genre that it was impossible for me not to write in it. I love the paranormal elements where anything is possible and I love the romance element too where love can literally move mountains if necessary.

Do you write about other supernatural beings or creatures?

Yes I do. The bulk of my published works are actually about werewolves. I wrote a trilogy called Love Bites focusing on three wolves and how they found their mates and eventually, with many screw ups along the way, managed to fall in love. At the moment all my energy is focused on my elementals though. They’re great fun to write and I can bring in other supernatural creatures as and when I please.

Why did you choose to write about vampires?

In this case I didn’t choose to write about vampires, it’s just that they were the only ones that I could think of that would be able to fulfill the conditions to break Sara’s curse. It was interesting writing about them though, I made things up as I went along to create a type of vampire I’d like. That’s the amazing thing about writing paranormal romance you can literally create a world of your own with your rules and no one can really contradict you.

I think that’s quite enough of the questions. Let me share an excerpt with all of you wonderful people!


A strong hand wrapped itself around his ankle and he looked down to see a woman, Abi, if his bride was correct, trying to stop him from leaving.

“Let go.” His words were cold, delivered with the confidence of someone used to having their orders obeyed. “I said let go.”

“Give her back to us.”

“From what I saw, she didn’t want to go with you,” he replied smoothly.

“She belongs to the fire elementals.”

“Belongs to?” he mused. Sara moaned lightly in her sleep, the arms around his neck tightening as though she could hear what was being said and was depending on him for support. “She’s a person not an object. She doesn’t belong to anyone and even if she did then it most certainly wouldn’t be you.” He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “If she belongs to anyone then it would be me. She’s mine.”

Abigail cursed him as he stood, loathing her body’s temporary weakness. “I will hunt you and kill you and when I do, I’ll take her back with me.”

His eyes glowed red as Lucian allowed her to see the monster that lurked beneath the surface of his skin, hidden by the veneer of civility and softly spoke words. There was a monster within him, one he kept tightly leashed but one that wanted violence, relished the idea of soaking in this woman’s blood, drinking her body dry until there wasn’t a speck of the life sustaining liquid in her. The monster dwelled in only the oldest of the vampires simultaneously making them more powerful while making them more dangerous. Centuries of living tended to have an adverse effect on a vampire’s humanity. With nothing to live for but endless warfare, Lucian’s emotions had suffered, dimming until they were barely visible.

She shrunk back in fear and he let the monster retreat from the surface. “There is a reason people fear the dark, you would do well to learn why. Hunt me if you dare, it’s your funeral.”

So that’s it from me! If you’re interested in finding out more about me or the elementals then there are plenty of ways to do it!

I’m on: Facebook, twitter, goodreads and I have a blog too!

Though I have to admit it’s probably easiest to catch me on my blog as I get alerts for it 😉

If you want to check out any of the books in the Elemental Passions series then they’re available here:

Seared by Desire

Rocked by Passion

Whirlwind of Pleasure

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6 Responses to Jennifer T Alli on-Why Paranormal?

  1. Sue says:

    Loved this! The great thing about vampires is we can do whatever we want, make them however serves our purposes best. I’ve written some vampire but one of my current WIP is about a devil. Almost as good as vampire. I like weres also. Great interview 😀

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    I love the question about did paranormal romance find you! That’s great. And your answer was fun, too. I’m with you on that one for sure!! 🙂

    Have a super day!

  3. Great excerpt, thanks for sharing!

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