Journey to Her Dreams

I was really thrilled when Lindsay asked me to guest blog on her site …. yet seconds later it hit home: Murders and Mysteries. Yup, I’m in trouble! My book is a romance. I do that all the time, I panic first and then think. So when the thinking process started I realised that my romance includes a little mystery as well. No murder, thank heavens, but the mystery of a dream that keeps a young woman (Hollie!) awake for a lot of nights! A dream, which is not always the same, yet with the same people involved. A dream that wakes her covered in sweat and aching in pains. A dream, which worries her to be “predicting subsequent life events” as dreams are described in some dictionaries.

I chose Tasmania for Hollie’s home, because Tassie is the kind of place where mysterious things happen. I love the place, the people and the eeriness that engulfs you when listening to its history. The second place is Ireland. Now, who doesn’t like Ireland? The green isle with fairies, good luck charms, leprechauns at every corner – a great setting to find the answers to Hollie’s dreams – with a bit of luck!

This is when the reader gets to meet Hollie:

 Hollie paced through the rooms, but for the life of her couldn’t find her phone. She rushed through her little apartment, which was upstairs in the attic of the farmhouse, just outside Launceston, a small town in Australia. Seventh ring and she stumbled over her shoes to reach it on the couch.

“Hello?” she answered out of breath.

“Hi, it’s Alex here. Lost the phone again, didn’t you?”

“I sort of had a feeling it would be you who kicked me out of bed at this unearthly hour of the day,” Hollie said, holding back a yawn.

“So tell me,” Alex begged her friend. “What happened? I want to know every tiny little detail.”

Hollie laughed, though she didn’t feel like it at all. In fact, the previous night had been a bit of a disaster, to say the least.

Just a small teaser, but I hope you liked it. And thanks for stopping by …. Hey, Lindsay thanks to you, too. What a great friend you’ve become!

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5 Responses to Journey to Her Dreams

  1. Iris Blobel says:

    Thanks for having me, Lindsay 🙂

  2. This sounds like a wonderful mystery, Iris! I’ve been to Ireland and it is indeed a beautiful place. It’s the perfect setting for finding the answers to Hollie’s mystery! Wishing you great success on this release.

  3. Ciara Knight says:

    This sounds great. It’s funny how there is mystery even in romance novels. It’s sort of like the fact there is romance in almost every novel. 🙂 Good luck with the release!

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