A touching scene from A Dog Gone Christmas

When we write a certain scene into our book we might do it for the emotional impact, enhance the tension between characters, or for the humorous effect it would have on the reader.

In Emily Dahill, CID Part 1, I had one such scene which my editor thought was hilarious but that’s not why I wrote it. I just wanted to keep the soldier for grabbing for his rifle. You will find that scene in the story called, Right Place, Wrong Day.


In my current book, A Dog Gone Christmas, I had tension in the previous scenes and as such thought to lighten the mood a slightly while at the same time add a little poignancy to the story. I’ve had several people email me about how much the loved the scene.

I’m only going to give you a tiny taste of that happens. To find out what happened before and afterwards, well you’ll have to just go buy the book.

Don’t forget, for every copy sold I’ll making a donation to the local collie rescue organization. Collie Rescue League of New England


Even from his new vantage point, he could still see how the other kids and collies were doing. As the time came to a close, out of the corner of his eye he spied something very suspicious. The twins. Amanda seemed focused on moving Maggie and Jack not only away, but so their backs were to Nibs.

 Under normal circumstances, Thaddeus would alert the two, but something told him what he was about to witness could and would be priceless. Once he saw the adults had been suckered into dropping their guard, he watched as Adam slipped an arm around Nibs’ neck. Hunched over like in a cowboy movie Adam tried to lead the collie toward the door and freedom with him and his sister.

 Subtly, Thaddeus readjusted his position closer to the door to prevent the five-year-old from walking off with Nibs. When Adam, splitting his attention between his new buddy and his sister, got closer to the door Thaddeus stepped out right in front of Nibs who stopped, and sat dragging the hapless boy down with him.

 “Oomph,” Adam grunted, as his backside came in hard contact with the floor. As he looked up the first thing he saw was a pair of legs in khakis, the toes from penny loafers peering out from the cuffed pants. With a sheepish smile he lifted his head higher only stopping when he saw Thaddeus smiling down at him.

“And just where do you think you’re going with Nibs, young man?” Thaddeus kept his voice soft and non-threatening.

“Na, na, nowhere sir,” Adam stammered out. He followed Thaddeus’ eyes to the collie, happily sitting beside him. “Honest sir, he followed me. I’d never,” Adam slowly shook his head. “take him, even though I’d love to have such a smart buddy as him. I mean, my sister’s all right but a girl and us guys got to stick together.” To emphasize his love for Nibs, Adam encircled the collie’s neck with his tiny arms earning him a head rub. “I wish my sister and I had someone like him to talk to. Mommy’s good, but sometimes she just doesn’t have the time to listen. Ya know? I mean with daddy gone she has to work extra besides her soldiering.”


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