On Publicize My Self Published Novel

When I write guest blogging posts, I try to avoid being promotional. I want to offer something the readers enjoy, besides “Hey! Buy my book.” of course I would like to have buyers but not like that. I think over the last month I’ve discussed just about every aspect of how my book went from a seed of an idea to a published title.

I’ve discussed the various aspects of self-publishing, which is what I chose to do. So far, I don’t have an opinion one way or the other as to whether it was the right move. I haven’t had the interest in my book that I’ve hoped, but it’s also up to me to publicize my novel, which is why I’ve done so many guest blogging posts lately.

I can’t rely on word of mouth without having enough people reading it. I’ve gotten a few reviews from blogging sites and hope with a few of these, more readers will be interested. I’ve just created a Goodreads author page and an Amazon author page, but I’ve yet to update them due to no internet access for over two weeks.

*Gasp* Life without internet. OMG! I know. I feel like I’m dying. I hope to say it will be back on tomorrow. Until then, I’ll keep struggling to promote using my cell phone and I will keep hoping that eventually readers will want to check out the book I poured my heart and soul into.

A Life, Changed Forever…

NALA ARPAIA gets life-altering news. She has a family, and more than one secret power. Even worse is that she also has a mad man seeking to kill her. Gabriel arrives and promises to protect her. With him around, she may be safe from Broncestan, but her heart is in danger of breaking.

A Man, Determined To Stay Unattached…

Gabriel makes it clear from day one that he’s not interested in a relationship. Despite the fact that sparks fly whenever he and Nala touch, he wants to focus on the one thing that matters to him. His job. It’s too bad that Nala’s determined not to let that happen. And when multiple signs point to their being together as Fate deems right, Gabriel wonders if he’s fighting a losing battle.

The Fate of the World Belongs To Them…

As Broncestan’s attacks get stronger, and more dangerous, Nala finds it more important than ever to experience the kind of relationship she’d always wanted, but never had. Seeing Nala suffer at the hands of a power-hungry Damned soul, Gabriel realizes keeping his distance isn’t working. Soon, they give in to the passion and proclaim their love. Just when things are supposed to work out, things hit rock bottom again.

Will they ever be able to defeat Broncestan and enjoy a relationship together or are they doomed to live their lives alone and miserable?

Bio: Sara Trimble is new to the world of publishing, though not to writing. She has one published novel, two in the final revisions and a stack of stories ready to work on. She’s also venturing out of her comfort zone of Romance to work on a new suspense novel, she hopes to have done by December 1st. When she isn’t writing, Sara spends her time with her three children, wonderful fiance Justyn, spending time with friends, and just enjoying life. You can find her at her website , follow her blog , Tweet  , or Facebook . She loves to hear from her readers so send her an email at saratrimble@saratrimble.com.  Don’t forget to check out the new movie trailer for her debut paranormal romance, Heart Over Mind.

Excerpt: The night was cool and clear, and the moon shone bright, surrounded by millions of stars. Nala walked along a riverbank, the dirt soft and cold beneath her bare feet. She was looking for someone. Through the hanging limbs of a weeping willow tree, and over a fallen log. Then, in the darkness, she made out the silhouette of a man. He stood with his back to her, naked. Just like her. She gasped as she looked down at her own exposed body. She felt unaffected. She kept moving towards the mystery man, her hand outstretched.

Her fingers brushed his tan, muscular shoulder and his body tightened. Then he turned around. He was such a handsome man; the most beautiful she had ever seen. Muscles corded his thick arms and jagged scars crisscrossed his left bicep and right forearm. Puckered white marks from what looked like bullet holes dotted his chest and stomach. There were dozens of other scars along his ribs, knees, thighs, and even one on his foot. Nala spent time studying each of them, using her fingers and then her tongue. Each flick seemed to push the man a little further into arousal.

His hand shoved into her thick, dark hair and jerked her head up. She watched, dazed, as his mouth began to lower towards hers. It seemed to take an eternity. Just as she thought she would die of deprivation, his firm lips covered hers. His tongue thrust past her lips, into the moist cavern of her mouth as his hands began an intimate search of her body. He stroked her in places she had never expected to be touched. Her breasts ached as he caressed them, his thumbs flicking over her hardened nipples. As his fingers dipped towards her throbbing center, she arched towards him.

He burrowed through the curls concealing her womanhood. Moving with slow purpose, he slipped a finger inside her wet, throbbing center. Waves of heat curled throughout her body as he thrust with alternating pace. Her breath caught as an unfamiliar feeling took over her body. Muscles clenched around the man’s finger as spasms took her away to a place of ecstasy. Nala clung to him as her body spiraled out of control. When she came back to earth, he was watching her, desire burning in his eyes. He reached for her hand and guided it down his stomach to his rigid male member.

Nala gasped at the size and hardness of it. Going by instinct alone, she began to slide her hand up and down. His eyes glazed over and his head went back on a groan. She increased her pace and smiled when he began to squeeze her arms. The faster she went, the tighter his grip became. He began to pant and then he stiffened up. “Oh Nala. I’m about to cum.”

Her hand kept working up and down his long, thick shaft as he began to get his release. “Do it Gabriel. I want you to.”

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3 Responses to On Publicize My Self Published Novel

  1. Hope your net is back soon! Mine has been off and on all week and it’s getting old!

    Publicizing is the aspect I am not so good at, myself. I feel silly saying “read my book! read my book!” to people.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I’m the same way Joleene. When I post the book on FBI get lots of ‘Like’ many from the same people. I just wish/hope that not only do the do that but also buy the book.

  3. Sara says:

    I agree with both of you. I hate that we seem to repeat ourselves, practically begging for customers. I’ve realized through the past two months of guest blogging that tons of people will say how interesting the book is and how they can’t wait to read it, but if they don’t win that giveaway, they don’t bother picking a copy up for money. It’s rather frustrating. If you don’t support an author enough to purchase the book, why tell them that you want to read it? Joleene, I agree about the internet problem. It’s so aggravating! Thanks for stopping by.

    Lindsay, thanks for having me.

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