Sherry Gloag talks about interesting research

The trouble with research… is getting sidetracked by an unexpected link that takes you zooming off to pastures new.

The other day, while browsing a new site, I came across an article about numerology and the impact it has on your life.

Is it possible that numbers can, like the pull of the moon, have an impact on circumstances surrounding you and your life?

That led me to wondering whether the same influence impacts on the names of our novels, so— now well and truly distracted from the original purpose of my research, I hit Google and came up with this site and had a wonderful time, my original intent well and truly forgotten.

First I put in Sherry Gloag…no you really don’t want to know…

…but I was impressed enough to scroll down again  to ‘What your name means’ again and entered the title of my latest release, From Now Until Forever, the first book in a series of four, published in December by Astraea Press in December 2011.

Melanie Babcot is Prince Liam’s security guard… Prince Liam seeks personal freedom and finds it and his destiny in the arms of his protector.

This is what the numerology site came up with-
Your number is: 8
The characteristics of #8 are: Practical endeavors, status oriented, power-seeking, high-material goals.
The expression or destiny for #8:
Your Expression is represented by the number 8. The 8 Expression is well-equipped in a managerial sense. You have outstanding organizational and administrative capabilities. You have the potential for considerable achievement in business or other powerful positions. You can expect to receive the financial and material rewards. You have the skill and abilities to establish or operate a business with great efficiency…
Your Soul Urge number is: 4
A Soul Urge number of 4 means:

You are responsible, reliable and in the final analysis, practical. Highly analytical, you can see your way through all sorts of situations and generally have a clear understanding of the issues. You are a very honest, sincere, and conscientious individual.

The negative side of the 4 is rigid, stubborn and somewhat narrow-minded. There is a tendency to hide feelings…
Your Inner Dream number is: 4
An Inner Dream number of 4 means:
You dream of being a very solid citizen that people can depend upon. You strive for organization and predictable order. You want to be recognized as a person with a plan and the discipline to make that plan work like clockwork.

I then decided to add the title of the upcoming release of my Valentine story, His Chosen Bride, the second book in the Gasquet Princes series, also to be published by Astraea Press.

In this book Henri, heir, to his father’s throne, meets Monica Latimer, an empath a teacher and runs a riding school for disabled children and teaches them how to overcome –even temporally- their disabilities, While Henri is prepared to marry a bride chosen by his parents, until he meets Monica

And the site cam e up with –
Your number is: 3
The characteristics of #3 are: Expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living. The expression or destiny for #3:
An Expression of 3 produces a quest for destiny with words along a variety of lines that may include writing, speaking, singing, acting or teaching; our entertainers, writers, litigators, teachers, salesmen, and composers.
Your Soul Urge number is: 7
A Soul Urge number of 7 means:
With a number 7 Soul Urge you are very fond of … retreating to periods of being alone and away from the disruptions of the outer world. You like to dream and develop you idealistic understandings, to study and analyze, to gain knowledge and wisdom.
The negative traits of the 7 include becoming too much the introvert and isolated from others.
Your Inner Dream number is: 5
An Inner Dream number of 5 means:
You dream of being totally free and unrestrained by responsibility. You see yourself conversing and mingling with the natives in many nations, living for adventure and life experiences. You imagine what you might accomplished.

This describes my heroine, Monica, to a ‘T’.  She has some BIG decisions to make before the end of His Chosen Bride.

Utterly intrigued by now, I decided to follow these with my debut novel The Brat, published by The Wild Rose Press in October 2010and have to say I was blown away with the content.

The Brat is family orientated.  Family influences, past and present feature heavily throughout The Brat and the numerology interpretation gives pause for thought.

Here is some of it and it is surprisingly accurate.
Your number is: 11 The number 11 is the first of the master numbers. It is associated with idealistic concepts… Your thinking is long term, and you are able to grasp the far-reaching effects of actions and plans. You are disappointed by the short-sighted views of many of your contemporaries. You are deeply concerned and supportive of art, music, or of beauty in any form.
A Soul Urge number of 6 means:
With a number 6 Soul Urge, you would like to be appreciated for your ability to handle responsibility. Your home and family are likely to be a strong focus for you, perhaps the strongest focus of your life.
The person with too much 6 energy often finds that people tend to take advantage of this very giving spirit. You may tend to repress your own needs so that you can cater to the demands from others. At times, there may be a tendency in this, for becoming over-loaded with such demands, and as a result become resentful.

Next I entered the title on my second full-length novel, Duty Calls, published by Black Opal Books, in February 2011. This is about the consequences of turning your back on love in favour of duty, and whether by letting love into your life, duty becomes a gift rather than a burden.
Before I share a little of what the site came up with, I have to say the accuracy ‘seriously spooked’ me 🙂
Your number is: 9
The characteristics of #9 are: Humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, obligations, creative expression.
The expression or destiny for #9:
The expression that you exhibit is represented by the number 9. Your talents center in humanistic interests and approaches. You like to help others as you were intended to be the ‘big brother or big sister’ type. You operate best when you follow your feelings and sense of compassion, and allow yourself to be sensitive to the needs of others. You work well with people, and have the potential to inspire.
Undeveloped or ignored, the negative side of the 9 expression can be very selfish and self-centered. If you do not actively involve yourself with work that benefits others, you may tend to express just the opposite characteristics.
Your Soul Urge number is: 4
A Soul Urge number of 4 means:
With the Soul Urge or Motivation number of 4 you are likely to strive for a stable life. You tend to follow a rather orderly pattern and systematic approach in your endeavors. You have an inner desire to serve others in a methodical and diligent manner. You want to be in solid, conventional, and well-regulated activities, and you are somewhat disturbed by innovation and erratic or sudden changes.

Thoroughly disconcerted by the accuracy so far, I finally entered the title for my Valentine novella in 2011, The Wrong Target, published by eTreasures in January 2011.

This is about business tycoon Ryan Thomas who, based on wrong information, insists on the dismissal of Tina Blackberry, headmistress of a prestigious private girls’ school and the journey they take – with cupid’s interference- before they reach their HEA.
Your number is: 1
The characteristics of #1 are: Initiating action, pioneering, leading, independent, attaining, individual.
The expression or destiny for #1:
A number 1 Expression denotes the skilled executive with keen administrative capabilities. You must develop the capacity to be a fine leader, sales executive, or promoter. You have the tools to become an original person with a creative approach to problem solving, and a penchant for initiating action. Someone may have to follow behind you to handle the details, but you know how to get things going and make things happen. You have a good mind and the ability to use it for your advancement.
Your Soul Urge number is: 8
A Soul Urge number of 8 means:
With an 8 soul urge, you have a natural flair for big business and the challenges imposed by the commercial world. Power, status and success are very important to you. You have strong urges to supervise, organize and lead.
Your Inner Dream number is: 11
An Inner Dream number of 11 means:
You dream of casting the light of illumination; of being the true idealist. You secretly believe there is more to life than we can know or prove…

As I said at the beginning, the trouble with research is… the temptation to give into distractions!

Multi-published author, Sherry Gloag is a transplanted Scot now living in the beautiful coastal countryside of Norfolk, England.  She considers the surrounding countryside as extension of her own garden, to which she escapes when she needs “thinking time” and solitude to work out the plots for her next novel.  While out walking she enjoys talking to her characters, as long as there are no other walkers close by.

Apart from writing, Sherry enjoys gardening, walking, reading and cheerfully admits her books tend to take over most of the shelf and floor space in her workroom-cum-office.  She also finds crystal craft work therapeutic.


For Prince Liam, families meant bad news, unwanted commitments, and the loss of his personal freedom.  Love spawned white picket fences, slippers at the hearth with a wife and kids making demands, so why did those images disappear when he met Melanie Babcot?

Melanie Babcot fought hard to escape the horrors of her youth and vowed to remain single and free, so when paid to protect Prince Liam from insurgents why did her personal pledge fly out the window?


Liam Fitzwilliam Gasquet stared in amazement at the blooming patch of red milliseconds before the pain exploded in his arm. Some trigger-happy idiot had fired in his direction. Indignation didn’t have time to take root before another bullet kicked the dust at his feet.
Not ‘trigger-happy’.
The rebels had found the fourth and youngest son of Jean-Phillipe Gasquet, ruler of the tiny kingdom adjacent to the Swiss border. When had they discovered his whereabouts?
With a reluctant sigh, he faced the truth of it. They hadn’t ‘found’ him at all. They’d followed him.



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20 Responses to Sherry Gloag talks about interesting research

  1. I think we would all get so much more done if it weren’t for fascinating distractions like this! But then life would not be so interesting. If I had found this numerology site I probably would have spent half the night trying out different titles for my WIPs until I found one that fit! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jennifer Lowery~Author says:

    Very cool! I’m going to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sue says:

    thanks for sharing. Sounds fascinating – ah good – yet another distraction 😀

  4. Sherry Gloag says:

    Patricia, thanks for visiting. I spent way too much time playing around in this site, that afternoon and loved every minute of it. I’m almost convinced I should run any title ideas through this site cefore commiting to them! rofl 🙂

  5. Sherry Gloag says:

    jennifer, be warned, you have n idea how many names you suddnelly think of when visiting this site. You need to put out an alert to all family and friends so they know what you are up to! LOL

  6. Sherry Gloag says:

    I shall deny all responsibility for lost time in this kind of research, Sue 🙂 but… have a great time with it
    ! rofl.

  7. Sherry Gloag says:

    Lindsay, thank you so much for having me here today. You see what happens when I go looking for something to blog about? LOL 🙂

  8. Meg Mims says:

    HAHA! how cool is this!! I would never have suspected accuracy. I’ll try mine and see what happens. Thanks, Sherry!

  9. nell dixon says:

    Fascinating and fun!

  10. I am not one to discount anything that seems mystical…well the Magic 8 Ball maybe. Numbers and mathematics and creativity have a lot of connections – we probably don’t even know them yet.

  11. Sherry Gloag says:

    Hope you had fun with it Meg. It kinda blew my mind away with its accuracy. 🙂

  12. Sherry Gloag says:

    :-)Nell, let me put it this way!! I didn’t get much research done that afternoon, but then again maybe I did, I got a blog subject out of it, so yeah! I did do some research that afternoon! LOL

  13. Sherry Gloag says:

    Kay, why I first stocked the Halti head collar, I simply couldn’t work out how it worked, a customer came forward took a look at it for about ten seconds and had it sussed. When I asked how he did that, he said he taught mathmatics at Cambridge and it was all a matter of mathmatics!!!
    That explained why I had so much trouble working it out! LOL

  14. jeff7salter says:

    I’ve always been really good at arithmetic, math, algebra, geometry, etc.
    Used to be able to do a lot of it in my head, too … though not so much any more.
    Never studied numerology, however.
    I am very easily distracted … so that would be a bad side road for me to travel. LOL

  15. Iris Blobel says:

    “Your birth flower is IRIS, Your birthstone is Amethyst” …. tick and tick. Love Amethysts and have one next to my bedside.
    Sherry, great distraction 🙂 …. I love “surfing” the net and get too easily distracted, waaaaay to easy! Unfortunately.

    Great post, thanks ladies!

  16. Lindsay says:

    Okay, I went to the website and it’s weird what came up. Sorry, not sharing.

  17. Sherry Gloag says:

    Jeff, the guy terrified me when he said that! LOL. Way, way over my head! But, I see no reason ‘why’ numbers ‘can”t have an influence, and after that little distraction, I’m more prepared to accepte d there’s quite a lot to it.

  18. Sherry Gloag says:

    LOL Iris, are you by any chance a Pisces? I love amethys too and have a beautiful ‘slice’ I picked up for a snip, in the most unlikely of places many years ago.

    • Iris Blobel says:

      It’s the birthstone for Aquariuses (sp ??) …. There’s a little mine near where I grew up and we went there with the school to do some diggin’ years and years ago. I took my girls and hubby there last time we went home – but no diggin’ this time, I bought one … LOL.

  19. Sherry Gloag says:

    Lindsay, I hope whatever you got was positive and not upsetting. Thank you so much for having me here.

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