Horror goes Pre-Teen with Samantha Combs

My fabulous friend Lindsay is awesome for giving me this post time.  Today is Friday, February 10th, and it’s a very exciting day for me.  I’m releasing a new book.  I’ve done that before, (it’s always cool!) but today even more so because I’m venturing into a new genre…..horror.  Not only that, horror for the middle grade.  I’ve never done horror, or anything for that matter, for this age group before.  And I have a close, personal relationship with it because my oldest son will be one in the next blink of an eye.  It’s an interesting story how this story came about.

I had written Spellbound, my YA paranormal opening to what will be a three book series, mostly as an answer to my youngest daughter.  She had a mad passion for a certain vampire and I wanted to give her a role model, less inhuman and more, um, available.  When I finished it, my son wanted to know if I could write a book he liked.  He apologized, but shyly admitted witches weren’t his thing.  What do you want Momma to write about, honey?  Can you write something I can read? he asked.  Like what?  I like Goosebumps, he said.  Okay, let me see what I can do.  I didn’t promise anything, just hoped the Muse would make an appearance.

She did.  In a most unusual way.  Son had a bad day at school and he and another kid got detention.  That was pretty much all it took.  Muse grabbed me by the hair, dragged me to the computer, and the story took only a week to bang out.  The rest is ATYPICAL of how it should go.  I submitted it to a publishing company that was less than a month away from imploding.  Senior staff walked among rumors of owner fraud, which shortly became far less than a rumor.  That staff created a brand new publishing company and I, along with many, patiently waited out a horribly long and difficult period until our books, held captive and nearly hostage by the closing publisher, became our own again.

When the new publishing company, I am proud to say is Musa Publishing (www.musapublishing.com) opened their submissions, I sent in The Detention Demon to the same editor who had accepted it before, Celina Summers, now the Head Editor at Musa.  I was thrilled, for a second time, when it was accepted.  And for the really good news, I was fast-tracked.  Because my manuscript had been fully edited before (by the rock-star- cool Erica Mills) it only needed a little tweaking.

The cover artist also exceeded my expectations.  Thank you Kelley Shorten!  So, this Friday I am unveiling a project that is probably the closest to my heart thus far.  This little manuscript refused to die.  The other publishing company tried to kill it, and like the Little Engine That Could, it kept on chugging up the hill.  Please take a read and let me know a couple things.  Did you like it?  Do you think your kid will?  I wrote it for a boy I know and love, and for the many other kids who need just that one book to hook them on the reading habit for life.  I hope The Detention Demon is that one book.

About the Author:  Samantha Combs is the Global Ebook Award-winning author of Spellbound, and book two in the series, Everspell.  An additional YA ghost story, Ghostly is her third publication, as well as a short horror story collection, Teeth and Talons, A Horror Anthology, her fourth.  She writes for Astraea Press and Musa Publishing and for the sheer love of it.  Following the release of The Detention Demon, her fifth published book, look for Waterdancer, a new YA paranormal from Musa Publishing coming in September of 2012.

A raggedy group of delinquents, thrown together by circumstance, get the opportunity to prove if rumors about the detention teacher being less than human are true and discover it doesn’t take years of friendship to bond together and overcome evil.

Wayne is a Junior High school boy who just got detention for fighting in school to protect his longtime best friend, Gumby.  But recently, there have been stories about detention.  Kids have mysteriously disappeared, creating creepy rumors about detention class. Now, Wayne finds himself trapped in there with school bully Bubba Dugan.  Keeping his distance from Bubba won’t be Wayne’s only problem.  In fact, those rumors about the detention teacher don’t seem like stories at all.

With his best friend Gumby, a crew of delinquents and a surprising late addition, a pretty cheerleader harboring a secret crush, Wayne and his group of misfits will have to band together to outwit the detention teacher.  He’s protected his best friend from harm his whole life…..but, can he protect him and everyone else against something that might not even be human?


Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Samantha-Combs-Fan-Page/205186202866933

Email:  samanthacombswrites@gmail.com

Blog: http://www.samanthacombswrites.blogspot.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/samanthacombs1


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11 Responses to Horror goes Pre-Teen with Samantha Combs

  1. This entry looks great on your blog, Lindsay! You have a lovely home. Thanks for having me over, and I’d love to visit soon. Hope your fans and readers (and especially Dakota) enjoy reading all the new releases!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I’m not sure if I’ll let Dakota read this new book of yours. He might get nightmares. You know how delicate he is.

  3. J.A. Beard says:

    Congrats on your release.

  4. Amaleen Ison says:

    I just love the premise of this book, and (as you know) I love horror. I’ve added it to my TBR pile. Wishing you every success, Samantha! Go Musa Euterpe authors!

  5. What fun! Scary fun, but fun… Wishing you great success.

  6. What an encouraging story for the rest of us. When I first heard MG Horror, my eyes bugged out. I now see that it will be a great hit with that age group. Congratulations!

  7. jennajaxon says:

    Wow, what a cool story. Loved the blurb. I’ll recommend this to my teens. Your journey is a great story about perseverence. Wonderful guest you have today, Lindsay. BTW–the words “Dakota” and “delicate’ just don’t seem to belong together! LOL

  8. jeff7salter says:

    The story premise sounds terrific.
    And I love the story-behind-the-story of how it came to be.

  9. Thanks all, for your comments. If you enjoy The Detention Demon, check out my adult horror collection, Teeth and Talons, A Horror Anthology. It’s free on Kindle today thru Valentine’s Day!

  10. dcvdickens says:

    Could there be a cooler cover than that one? What an image! Congratulations to Samantha and Kelly Shorten (cover designer). A great team. The book is on my cyber nightstand.

  11. bethtrissel says:

    Wow, the story behind the story is as interesting as the book itself. Kewl! I bet a lot of kids and parents will enjoy this one.

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