Book Soundtracks

Continuing on with the series of Astraea Press authors, today I’ve got Jillian Jenkins talking about how a music can be associated with a book or characters.

The Soundtrack:

Here are some songs that made my “Book Soundtrack”. Some have to do with a specific character, while others a certain moment or theme. The score would be a darker, new age, kind of feel too it, possibly done by Delerium of Juno Reactor. The other half of it represents the high school, young adult, aspects of the story and is more pop/dance in genre, which matches the story since the characters like to go out and do that often. Enjoy!

The Heroine (Cheyene’s Song):

“Flowers Become Screens” – Delerium –

The Antagonist (Denver’s Song):

“Pretty When you Cry” – VAST (explicit lyrics) –

The Ambiance (Score, Setting, Mood):

“Terra Firma” – Delerium –

“Silence” – Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan –

“Conga Fury” – Juno Reactor –

“Furious Angels” – Rob Dougan –

The Romance (All pairings, not going to spoil it sorry!):

“Chemicals React” – Aly and AJ –

“Uninvited” – Alanis Morissette –

“Say OK” – Vanessa Hudgens –

“Kings and Queens” – Luna Halo –

“Love Me, Love Me” – Big Time Rush –

The Song That Plays When Everything Bad Happens:

“Lie to Me” – RED –

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2 Responses to Book Soundtracks

  1. Iris Blobel says:

    I really like the idea of expressing a story in music. Great post, ladies!

  2. Yes, I do this too! I make “book” playslists – I used to make mix tapes waaaay back in the day.

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