Debut Author-Kathleen Ball

Callie’s Heart is my debut novel. It’s been both exciting and hectic. Callie’s Heart is book one of the Lasso Springs Books. Desert Breeze Publishing contracted me for three books.

Callie’s mother has one dying wish. She wants rancher, Garrett O’Neill, to marry her seventeen-year-old daughter. Garrett would keep Callie’s ranch safe and Callie would go away to college. Four years later, Callie comes home with stars in her eyes and happily ever after in her heart. She finds the new housekeeper, Sylvie in Garrett’s arms.Heartbroken, Callie takes off horse injures her. Garrett forces back to his house.

Callie finally gets her heart’s desire. Alone in a line shack, they make sweet love for the first time. Unfortunately, the love light is gone from Garret’s eyes the next morning.


                   Callie woke with a smile on her face. Her husband had taken her two more times during the night. She could feel the love pouring out of him each time and she rejoiced in it. He wasn’t in the shack and wondered where he went. Slowly, feeling lazy and happy, she got up and dressed. It was a night to remember, her life just starting. They had hardships to face as soon as they rode back, but it was a new beginning for their relationship.

She glowed as she imagined an easy affection between them. She could finally tell everyone they were married. Looking around the shack, she wanted to remember everything about it. She wanted to be able to picture this place and remember the happiness of it.

Putting on a pot of coffee, she wondered where Garrett was. Opening the door, she grew puzzled to see him sitting on a fallen log, looking thunderous. ”Garrett?”

The look in his eyes astounded her. He wasn’t happy. ”Is something wrong?”

     She suddenly doubted herself. He was acting so strange.

     ”I’ll be right in.”

     Callie gave him a long look and flinched at his expression. ”Okay.”

     Sitting back on the bed, she couldn’t even begin to understand what had just happened. A sick feeling began to spread throughout her belly. She watched him walk in but he wouldn’t look at her. Her heart beat a fast tattoo and she suffered from confusion.


     ”Don’t, Cal, just don’t. We made a huge mistake last night. I don’t know what I thought. I can’t have you be my, wife. How stupid could I be? I was enticed by the way you constantly shake your hips at me. I shouldn’t have taken you up on your invite. I made a mistake, the biggest one in my life.”

     Tears formed in her eyes. ”Garrett?”

     ”Let’s get going. I have to turn myself in and I want you to start divorce proceedings. I’ll do it if you don’t. I can’t have you hanging around my neck while I’m trying to save it.”

     Stunned, Callie watched him walk out the door. Numbly she made sure the fire in the stove was out. Looking at the bed, she felt dirty. How could he?

     Her heart shattered into pieces and her throat grew dry as she pulled her coat and hat on. It was going to be a long ride home. She should have known better. He never even pretended to love her. She just took everything to heart and he hadn’t. It didn’t mean anything. He just wanted a woman since he would have to go without in jail. Shivering, she wiped away her tears. He used her and he made her feel dirty about it. If anything she should be mad, but somehow she failed him. She’d been inadequate. She had given him her most cherished gift and he didn’t care.

     Taking a deep breath, she walked outside, determined to ignore him.

     Ignoring him proved near impossible. Watching his rigid back for hours made her want to weep, but she refused to cry. Her mind began whirling. She tried to think of other things but the soreness between her legs as she rode Misty, was a constant reminder of the night before. It bewildered her how he’d treated her this morning. She’d been dreaming of last night forever and now she fervently wished it had never happened.

     She finally knew just how pathetic she’d been all her life, waiting for a crumb of approval from him. Well, he gave her what she wanted and now all she had was disgust, coupled with a broken heart. Her heart hurt oh so much. How she was going to bear it she didn’t know. It wasn’t any consolation knowing he’d be in jail. She didn’t wish him ill. Her whole chest tightened, she still loved him. It nearly broke her, knowing she always would.

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Kathleen Ball can easily read a book a day. She loves any type of Romance novel, especially Western Romances. Kathleen lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her wonderful husband. She has one son a Marine. Originally, from Rochester, New York, Kathleen finds Texas culture amazing. The more she immerses in it the more she likes it.

You can find updates on all of Kathleen’s novels, releases and current works in progress at

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  1. dawnep says:

    Absolutely need to add to TBR List

    Great excerpt

  2. Amber Dane says:

    Great novel, Kathleen!

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