Zee Monodee and kick-arse heroines

When a girly girl starts walking on the edge…

…what do you get?

A series about kick-arse women fighting for their lives while they fall in love, and find their HEA in the midst of the direst danger.

By Zee Monodee

I grew up an only daughter. Twenty years after my parents had gotten married, and sixteen years after her first child when my mum was told she’d never be able to have kids again, there I was – the surprise baby. Ecstatic to have a little girl, finally, after having brought up a typical macho boy’s boy for sixteen years, my mum set out to make me as girly as any girl could get. I was always in dresses, with thick school-girl stockings and Mary-Janes or ballerina flats; hair long enough to make Rapunzel envious and that sported fancy barrettes all the time. From the age of six, I learned that, if there’s one thing a girl has to do every day, without question and without fail, it’s to moisturize her skin! I had never been into trousers, or jeans, before I turned fourteen (and teenage angst had reared its head up!), and never had more than half-an-inch of hair been trimmed from my locks, to prevent split ends.

So how did the girl I was brought up to be, end up writing about guns, killing, espionage, and the danger-filled lives of spies from a clandestine agency known as the Corpus?

I think a clue here would be – rebellion!  There was always something ‘expected’ of me – be the girly girl, the almost-airhead pretty one who inherited all the good looks but none of the brains. I’m also of Indian origin, and let it be known that in Indian culture, your job, as a girl, is to be pretty, quiet, docile, and pretty much deaf and mute unless you’re spoken to first.

Can you say “break away before I killed someone?” I could. Except that all my ‘killing’, I do so on paper. J

I started writing seven years ago, and at the time, I never thought I would end up writing romantic suspense with an espionage flair, let alone about heroines who didn’t hesitate to kill when push came to shove. That was just ‘not me’. Didn’t help that I also had no real clue who the real me was back then, having been shaped into what society expected of me, an ‘obedient’ daughter. I never would’ve thought that my big break as an author would take place through this series that was worlds away from the life I’d always known, and the one I could imagine.

Yes, I’ve held a gun in my hand (both a semi-automatic, and a shotgun). I’ve also unsheathed a katana sword, held it in my hands, felt its weight as I swung it in front of me, clasped in both my palms. But what else have I done that my heroines do? Not much, unfortunately, though I’ve lived in their shoes all the time I’ve written about them.

Amelia Jamison (Walking The Edge. Corpus Brides: Book One. June 2010, Noble Romance Publishing) wakes up with amnesia next to a man she doesn’t recognize. Her quest to find the truth about her buried past takes her into the arms of a man she seems to remember, but isn’t sure. Across the Channel, from London to Marseille, she is out to seek her forgotten memory, and in the process, makes her way across the Continent with flair that would make the famed Jason Bourne proud.

Rayne Cheltham (Before The Morning. Corpus Brides: Book Two. May 2011, Noble Romance Publishing) leaves her life as a trained killer who was sent to ‘take care’ of the world’s biggest criminals through infiltration; all in the name of love, when she meets the one man she always loved and whom she tried to forget – her childhood best friend. But once a killer, a spy, a master manipulator, always one!  How can a woman who has killed with no remorse and no conscience, embrace a new life away from secrets and deceit, when the man she loves never suspects she might’ve been an assassin? Across the world, from London, to Nice, Prague, Las Vegas, Hastings, and Arles, Rayne will have to hang on to her secrets, all while struggling to keep her marriage afloat, with enough deception and skilful masterminding that would put Alexis Carrington (Dynasty) and Amanda Woodward (Melrose Place) to shame. But truth always catches up, and when it does, it tends to blow into your face. With the last thread holding her marriage together survive the explosion?

Valeriya Morozova (Let Mercy Come. Corpus Brides: Book Three. Coming 2012) sees an opportunity to defect from the life that was thrust on her against her will, when she was barely seven, and believes she is out of the game when she finds safety in an Italian family’s fold in Portofino. But you can never truly put your past behind you, and the one she hides – that of being a skilled spy and killer who handles guns as masterfully as she deals with biological weapons – catches up with her when she least expects it, and in the manner she least expects. The man she has always loved – and whom she thought dead – has been summoned to bring her back so the ‘traitor’ she is can face her punishment as she should. Where to run? Where to hide? And what to make of this man who rose from the dead, and who holds her death warrant in his hands? Across Europe, Valeriya, aka Anastasiya, will strive to escape her fate… until it catches up with her, and suddenly everything at stake, from her own life to world peace, lies on her shoulders…

Imagination is a scary thing, a powerful tool, and these above are what you get when you allow a girly girl to break free, and walk the edge of danger that she’s always been protected from while kept coddled in a comfy, cotton-padded little box. J

Parents of daughters – let your girls run free, lest they be tempted to go invent stories about dark and borderline-irredeemable heroines who take no prisoners and who set out to get what they desire, when they want it.

Find out more about Zee Monodee by checking out her blog http://zeemonodee.blogspot.com/

About Zee’s books from the Corpus Brides series:

Walking The Edge (Corpus Brides: Book One. Available now on all platforms)

Walking the edge…

… the next step might be the last…

A woman without a past

Left amnesiac after an accident, Amelia Jamison struggles as her instincts slowly rise from the depths of oblivion, leading her to question her life as the wife of a cold, manipulating and distant man. Wisps of a dream show her another man she may have known intimately, but is he a memory, or a figment of her imagination?

A man with too much information

After many aliases, today Gerard Besson is simply a police commissaire in Marseille. When a mysterious woman starts to follow him, he is suspicious – and intrigued. But things aren’t what they seem, and as he reluctantly gets closer to her, dregs of his painful, buried past emerge and make him question her identity.

Each seems to have led several different lives

But neither is prepared for what awaits them when they cross the fine line between knowing your true self and that of your alter ego.

Danger is the name of the game, and as it catches up with them in the French Provence, both know they better be ready for the inevitable fall.

Before The Morning (Corpus Brides: Book 2. Coming out May 7, 2011. Noble Romance Publishing)

Before The Morning

. . . is a time of great darkness. . .

A trained killer with borderline sociopathic tendencies:

Rayne Cheltham traced out her life’s path when she was twelve: she would marry her best friend and bear his children, and in the process, stifle the restless edge in her. When he vows never to marry, she gives in to the darkness and becomes a clandestine agent—until the day he walks into her world again, and her carefully fabricated façade crumbles.

A former cop burned by life and his personal demons:

When Ash Gilfoy meets a woman who reminds him of his childhood best friend, he starts upon a path that leads him down into an abyss once again. The day Rayne waltzes back into his life, he knows she is his second chance, and the one who will save him.

Each thinks the other is their redemption . . . until they discover how deep the other’s edge of darkness goes

No one knows Rayne used to be a spy and an assassin, and no one knows why Ash left the police force. The secrets between them make them sit on a keg of gunpowder with a lit fuse in their hands. Neither knows what ‘normal’ means now, especially Rayne, whose whole life is built on a lie. Truth is threatening to explode in their faces, and that is not the only menace they have to face. Someone is out to get Rayne, and she must disclose her past before it is too late.

Can Rayne and Ash survive all that’s thrown in their path? Can they hang on to the last thread of their relationship, and can they emerge, still together and still alive, in the morning after the deepest darkness?


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27 Responses to Zee Monodee and kick-arse heroines

  1. Alix Cameron says:

    Fantastic post. I love Zoe’s heroines, Thank -you Ladies, that was a pleasure to read.

  2. Zee Monodee says:

    And huge thanks to Lindsay for having me over today! XOXO

  3. Wow – kick butt characters is right. These books sound like great reads

  4. Great post. I love all your characters, and I’m looking forward to LET MERCY COME too. Congratulations on breaking out of your girliness!
    ~ Sandy
    I.O.U. SEX

  5. Brenda says:

    Congratulations, Zee.

  6. JHali Steele says:

    Love it – kick-arse heroines. Great post Zee and Lindsay. Congratulations.

  7. Jessica Subject says:

    You do have some kick-ass heroines, and some tamer ones, but I think there is a piece of you in each. Congrats on your upcoming release, and looking forward to the third as well. 🙂

    • Zee Monodee says:

      I suppose you’re right, Jessica… and that would be a scary thought, because these women from the Corpus series walk right on the edge. 🙂 I’m so eager to get rolling with Book 3 too, asap. xoxo

  8. Sue says:

    that was great Zee! I think our true nature always wins out no matter how we’re raised. I pity though the women, and men, who never find their true nature….

  9. Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) says:

    My favorite kind of heroines and exactly why I write them!! Love ’em! Can’t wait to read the book, Zee!

  10. VS Morgan says:

    Zee has wonderful kick butt heroines!

  11. dakentner says:

    Sorry to be so late. I was at the RT Convention yesterday, and became engaged listening to a conversation between two women about…how good Zee Monodee’s writing is.

    Fun post. I really enjoy strong heroines who don’t “need” a man, rather instead, “want” the man they deserve.

    • Zee Monodee says:

      Lol, stop kidding, David! You’re messing with what’s left of my brain… 🙂

      Yep, it’s good to ‘have’ a man, but a woman doesn’t ‘need’ one – my heroines prove that really well, if I may say so. *grin*


      • dakentner says:

        Nope. Not one of the times I’m kidding. I really did listen in on that conversation.
        I even kept my mouth shut so I wouldn’t interfere with their conversation – a strenuous activity for me.

  12. dakentner says:

    Sorry to be so late. I was at the RT Conve3ntion yesterday and evesdropped on a conversation about…how good Zee Monodee’s writing is.

    Fun post. I adore heroines who don’t “need” a man, but rather “want” the man they deserve.

  13. Cara Cooper says:

    Great post Zee and Lindsay, nothing like a bit of rebellion to spur a writer on!

  14. Zee Monodee says:

    @ dakentner – *bodythump on the floor* Seriously????

  15. Ciara Knight says:

    I, too, had hair down passed my backside by the age of three. I wasn’t allowed to cut it, but I was a total tom boy, except the fact I loved to dance. I now write monsters, fantasy, and all sorts of violence. 🙂

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