Barry S. Willdorf with A Shot In The Arm

Thanks Lindsay for hosting me on your Murder and Mysteries blog. I think that I’ve got some stuff here that is right up your readers’ alley. My 1970s mystery/thriller/suspense trilogy is chock full of murder and mysteries. It all starts in 1969 with Burning Questions when

the teenage heir to a fortune is found shot shortly after witnessing a hotel being torched. Was it a teenage suicide or was he murdered? His mother demands an investigation. Screw-up Nate Lewis is hired to bungle the inquiry but things quickly get out of hand when he uncovers some shady real estate deals. Then he really screws up by falling in love with everyone’s favorite suspect, Christina Lima, the dead kid’s poor Portuguese girlfriend. Soon they are running for their lives in this tale of political corruption and class warfare. (For those of you who are looking for a little spice, you might want to check out what happens inside a NAZI general’s confiscated greatcoat.)

My publisher, Whiskey Creek Press, has just put Burning Questions on Amazon’s KDP program in conjunction with this tour so if your readers are Amazon Prime, they can download a copy for free now. We anticipate a giveaway shortly. The date will be announced on my blog: so if you join the membership, you can get notice of when you get a free download even if you are not “Prime.”

If you like Burning Questions, then you will certainly want to follow Nate and Christina into 1973 with A Shot In The Arm, When a pretty young addict is found dead in her bed from an overdose, her treatment counselor, a black militant, is charged with providing her with drugs for sex. Nate Lewis is paid to defend him but learns too late that his retainer was stolen from rogue government agents involved in dealing drugs to buy guns for anti-communist guerrillas.

Travel back in time to visit San Francisco/Marin in 1973. Peruse the menu at the Trident Restaurant on the Sausalito waterfront. Slide seamlessly among the old, waterlogged houseboats that lined the shore. Mingle with Vietnam era soldiers and sailors, black militants and hippies. Score drugs on practically every street corner. Stroll the Fillmore district before it was gentrified. Witness a car chase over the dirt roads that once crisscrossed parts of the city. Sneak into shipyards and foundries when they still bustled with activity. Spend time at the Hamilton Air Force Base officer’s club. Sip Java where longshoremen once prowled. Attend court at Frank Lloyd Wright’s leaky Marin County Civic Center. And yes, there are a couple of rolls in the waterbed of a houseboat to liven things up.

And if that works for you, join Nate and Christina again for the Fourth Conspirator, set for publication in September 2012, a wine and weed mystery/suspense conclusion set in Mendocino County in 1978.

Also, don’t be a stranger. Catch me on my blog, where I have the annoying habit of responding to questions and comments. Thanks. My trilogy is available on Amazon or you can buy directly through my publisher: Whiskey Creek Press=984

My publisher will do a giveaway on 5/18. We’ll giveaway 2 e-books of A Shot In The Arm. Reviews appreciated but not required.

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment and your email address.

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4 Responses to Barry S. Willdorf with A Shot In The Arm

  1. Sounds like a great series! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  2. Myra Nour says:

    Ooh, I like that glimspe into the past. Beautifully worded descriptions.

  3. 3645barry says:

    Hi readers,
    Here’s good news!. My publisher, Whiskey Creek, has created three free days on Amazon where you can get a download of Burning Questions. The freebie days are May 24, 25 and 26. I’m sure you all know how that works. Then on this site, there are 2 chances to get a download of A Shot In The Arm. So two of you will get 2/3rds of the trilogy for free. A bunch will get Part One free. And I’d really love to get your opinions. Hope you like it and my friends Nate and Christina.

  4. Ciara Knight says:

    This sounds like a great series. Thanks for sharing it with us, Lindsay.

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