To Be or What ? Is it Starve a Fever . . . ? with Bennet Pomerantz

Today I have the pleasure of having as my guest my good friend, even though he’s a reviewer, Bennet Pomerantz.

Go hang yourself, you old M.D.!

You shall not sneer at me.

Pick up your hat and stethoscope,

Go wash your mouth with laundry soap;

I contemplate a joy exquisite .

I’m not paying you for your visit.

I did not call you to be told.

My malady is a common cold.

-from the poem Common Cold by Odgen Nash

There are days when think what I want to write in this column.
There are those weird thoughts that seem to appear in my mind
as I stare blankly at the computer screen. Many strange
unanswered questions of life I want an answer to seem appear
in my mind.

One question which has always been on my mind is . . . Is it
“starve a fever and feed a cold? Or is it feed a fever and
starve a cold?”. Does anyone really know the answer to this
age old question? Note that The common cold is an arduous item to try to cure . . . since there is no cure at this time. The symptoms are that you
ache (sinuses drain) . . . Your muscles and body hurt . . .
you sniffle . . . you sneeze . . . you cough . . . and you feel
dizzy and drained. The inadequacy of dealing with a cold is not
recreational, nor it simple . . . it’s very complex. A cold is
just a virus or so we are lead to believe. The futility of
treatment for the medical conditions of the common cold in
general isn’t great . . . And there is NOTHING the doctor can
really do, cuz there is NO cure!

So I asked people I know and trust to see if they had an answer
because I didn’t. So the first thing I did was I asked one of
the DR. MOMs in my life, my Aunt Barbara (note my mom was not
available at when I was working on this article). She said “It’s
feed a cold and starve a fever.” Her words is good enough for
me. However I can’t just take her word for it, inquiring minds
want to know (plus this column would be too damn short, if I
just took her advice).

When asked the same question, my friend Michele said, “Both
and neither . . . you freeze the fever . . . and starve the
cold *chuckles* “ As funny as it was, it was NO help!

When I asked my friend Pam, who is a registered nurse in one of
the best hospitals in San Francisco, that question. She said
after a few minutes “Bennet, everyone knows it’s feed a fever
and starve a cold”

My friend Misty, who is a mother of three beautiful kids and is
pregnant with her fourth, was asked the question. She replied
“You do neither, Bennet . . . With a fever or a cold, you take
Motrin. You do not sweat it out and must stay at a good
temperature either way.” So now I am more confused than ever.

so I turned to the internet . . . There is an article from New
Scientist which a Dutch research team that ran an ad hoc
experiment and came to the conclusion that “eating a meal boosts
the type of immune response that destroys the viruses
responsible for colds, while fasting stimulates the response
that tackles the bacterial infections responsible for most
fevers.” (From Ask Yahoo)

So what should I do if I have the common cold? I still have no
idea . . . maybe I will try one thing first and if it don’t
work, I will try the other.

So what’s next for me to think about? Well, I must solve the
enigma which came first . . . the chicken or the egg?

Food for Thought

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2 Responses to To Be or What ? Is it Starve a Fever . . . ? with Bennet Pomerantz

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  2. Ciara Knight says:

    LOL, isn’t it hysterical that everyone swears by a different method. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the chicken and the egg.

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