Sunny’s Tips for How To Read a Crystal Ball

1) Reading a crystal ball is called scrying or crystal gazing, and there are many methods for reading one. (Scrying can be done with crystals, stones, and other devices as well. A sphere works well because it is shaped like the world which is the center of creative impulses which psychics draw their power and energy from. Spheres have no beginning or ending, so the flow of energy is continuous.)

2) The person who is going to do the scrying is called a scryer and the person being read for is called a querant.

3) The scryer should choose and name a ball of their choice. (Note quartz crystals work well because crystals are amplifiers, transmitters, and receivers of energy. Ones with marks that look like cracks, inclusions, and sparkling rainbows act as focus points and are seen as doorways. Completely clear ones are harder to use. Quartz also has a good vibratory quality, raising and lowering its levels to be in harmony with the psychic energy of the scryer.)

4) Cleanse the crystal ball before and after a reading to remove influences from either positive or negative energies. There are many methods for cleansing (note also called clearing) a ball as well. One method is to place the ball in a bowl of distilled water with a pinch of sea salt and let sit for an hour minimum and overnight in moonlight of a full moon for a deep cleansing.

5) Choose a quiet, dimly lit room with the crystal on a stand or a dark silk or velvet cloth used only for scrying. Soft soothing music and incense (cones, sticks or granular burn easily on charcoal disks in frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, benzoin, rose, pine, jasmine, magnolia or musk) can help calm and relax the scryer. Dim light from a window, the moon, or candles (note choose a candle color that reflects a Higher Purpose like Purple for Higher self, White for God or Goddess and Soul purity, etc.) should illuminate the ball from over the shoulder of the scryer, behind the ball, or beneath the ball. (note avoid any reflections of other objects from shining on the ball so they won’t interfere with the images within.)

6) Charge the crystal ball by touching it. Don’t let anyone touch the crystal ball except the scryer so their energy won’t affect a reading. If reading for a querant, then only let the querant touch the ball initially to tap into their energy for that particular reading. Have them lay their hands on the ball to charge or energize it while thinking about what they wish to know, and then remove their hands when they are done. If the scryer is reading for another purpose, then he is the one to touch the crystal and ask it what he wishes to see.

7) The scryer must ground himself. You must close your eyes, commune with the crystal, and center yourself. Breathe deeply to connect with your higher self and spiritual source. Allow only good, positive energy to connect with you and avoid evil, negative energy from controlling the session. (note when you’re in a trance like state you are vulnerable to danger and being attacked. You can surround yourself with four protective crystal, glass, ceramic, or metal angels to stand at the four corner of your table as protection.)

8) Gaze into the ball and let your eyes go slightly out of focus. A slight tingling or vibrating sensation is normal as you and the ball fall into harmony and a psychic connection is established.)

9) Once you have entered the Astral plane a mist or smoke will appear in the crystal. Gaze at that spot and then colors and images will form. Say out loud what you see (note record what you see so you can interpret it after.).  Let the images flow and change as they need to.

10)         Once the crystal ball has shown the scryer all he or she needs to know, the images will fade and disappear. Allow your mind to return to the present or physical plane and your body to separate from the crystal ball as the psychic connection is broken. Refocus your eyes, breathe deeply, and ground yourself once more.

11)         Thank your crystal ball, recleanse it, and put it away.

12)         Interpret the colors and images you saw by referring to color healing guides and dream books. There are many interpretations, so use your intuition and be open to all the possibilities. Have fun J


Disclaimer: The author does not claim to be an expert on reading crystal balls. These tips were simply gained from her research for Corpse in the Crystal Ball and are simply meant for the readers entertainment.

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