Cars…The Greatest Adventure or are they?

I’m so glad to have my dear friend and fellow Astraea Press author Elaine Cantrell back again to talk about her newest book.

Do you oww and ahhh over cars? I usually don’t. I drive a 2001 Chevy Blazer which still looks fine and runs great, but there are a few cars I can get excited about. A Jaguar, for instance. I believe if I got into this car I might be tempted to break the speed limit. I can see the speed and sophistication in the design.

I like some classic cars too. The 1968 GTO is my favorite muscle car. I had a boyfriend who drove a GTO. I thought that was something!

I’m also fond of classic Mustangs. When I was in high school I knew this girl who had a pepto pink Mustang. I like that Mustang style.

Liesel Wolfe, my heroine in Never Trust a Pretty Wolf, has a thing for fast Mustangs. Liesel and her father restored Mustangs before his death, a hobby she still enjoys. Besides owning several classic Mustangs, she drives a new blue Mustang. She was driving that car when she and US Marshal Andy Bryce set out on the biggest adventure of their lives.

Here’s an excerpt that shows you part of what happened on that adventure. My characters are in a geocaching game and have gone into a cave hunting clues to the location of the cache.

She turned her ankle and screamed when she stepped on something soft and squishy that gave underneath her feet. Andy yelled, “What’s wrong?” “I don’t know. I stepped on something. It might be a snake!”

“You’re blocking the light. Get out of the way.”

Since he stood between her and the exit, she backed up against the wall where the coordinates were written and waited for his verdict.

“What the blazes?”

Adrenalin flooded Liesel’s body. “Oh, what is it?” she demanded, visions of poisonous snakes crawling around their ankles dancing in her head.

“It’s a dead man.”

Liesel shoved Andy aside and bolted out of the cave as if the dead man had suddenly come to life and grabbed her ankle in the dark, his bloody, battered face staring into hers. She heard Andy shout, “Liesel, stop!” but she paid no attention to the fool. She

made it back to the place where they’d found the fake diamonds before Andy grabbed her.

“Let me go! I want to get out of this awful place!”

“Liesel! Stop screaming! The man’s dead. He can’t hurt you.”

He gave her a little shake, and Liesel buried her face in her trembling hands. If he only knew

Both of them spun around when they heard the sound of something heavy crashing through the bushes. Three men incongruously dressed in khakis, pastel colored polo shirts, and nice Italian loafers charged down the hill toward them. They all had grim expressions on their faces, expressions that went well with the guns they carried.

The report of a pistol filled the afternoon as something kicked up dirt near Liesel’s feet.

“Run!” she screamed.

She took off as if all the devils in Hades pursued her, and they probably did. Veering off the path, she plunged into the woods with Andy closely following. They ran for what seemed like forever. Small branches slapped her face and pulled her hair. She turned her ankle more than once when she tripped over fallen tree limbs or stepped into holes hidden in the forest underbrush. Finally, she had to stop. The hot, boring stitch in her side couldn’t be ignored any longer.

You can get it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most other ebook outlets. Here’s the link for Amazon.

Lindsay, thank you so much for having me. I’ve enjoyed sharing with your readers.



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8 Responses to Cars…The Greatest Adventure or are they?

  1. Sue says:

    We had a Citroen maserati the SM 1973 for a while, loved it. when it wasn’t in the shop…

  2. I enjoyed reading the excerpt from NEVER TRUST A PRETTY WOLF in today’s post. I definitely remember this scene! This book was a fun read, and I highly recommend it.

    And speaking of cars, I had a red MGB-GT with wire wheels (a 1962, I believe). Really cool. Unfortunately, I lived in North Texas at the time and it didn’t have air conditioning. NOT cool! We kept it in the family, however. My brother has it now, and he plans to restore it.

  3. In my upcoming release, my heroine gets powder blue Karmaan Ghia for her birthday!

  4. Brea Essex says:

    I know nada about cars. I’m decent at pretending, though! However, I did a lot of car research for my books.

  5. kristin vayden says:

    Great excerpt! Sounds like an amazing book!

  6. Thank you all so much for stopping by. If I could pick any car, I’d take the Jag. They are beyond beautiful.

  7. Ciara Knight says:

    My dream car is a 57 speedster. *sigh* I’d accept a kit car. 🙂
    I enjoyed your excerpt. Sounds like a great read.

  8. What an exciting excerpt! Thanks for sharing, Lindsey and Elaine…and thank you both for visiting my sample.

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