A Jessica Sales Novel

This scene, from my WIP Ice Queen, follows the one from last week. Here we are in Jessica Sale’s POV as she evaluates the mode of transportation Justin has provided.

With a nod of approval nor another word she spun on her heel and marched over to where the horses awaited. Now more relaxed that people were around.

With a discerning eye she looked over both animals and was pleased with what she saw. Short, stocky with deep chests and powerful hindquarters. Long flowing manes and tails, both well-tended which spoke a lot about the owner. If he took this much care with his horses then she knew he’d have the perfect items for her.

The crunch of feet on the gravel signaled his arrival. “This one’s called Jake,” he said, untying the sorrel. “And this one’s Cory.” The deep brown glossy coat with the requisite black mane and…

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