A Jessica Sales Novel

This week I’m taking you back to the story I started a few weeks ago, White Queen. This is a WIP so you can expect to possible find an error or three.

This scene is written to the picture prompt shown here:

The sound of a cork popping forced her to glance right at the tall, handsome man standing in the cabin doorway.

“My darling, would you care for a sip,” he asked.

She liked the sound of his voice, husky with just the right amount of sensualness. He, she thought, sounded like one of those famous Hollywood actors, not the wimpy boys she knew back home.

Not getting an immediate reply he took another step into the plush master suite. The room, spanning the width of the ship, was decorated in earth-tones which complimented the deep all-natural tan he sported. The center point was the bed, custom made…

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  1. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Looks like the pirate days are back! Wow! I felt like I’ve been slapped. Powerful excerpt!

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