A Jessica Sales Novel

Word prompt- finger

This week we’re back with Jessica in my WIP, Red Queen.

Three hours later Jessica and Ronny finally got to get the hell out of the police station. It wasn’t so much the grilling they’d received but the nonchalant attitude from Michaud which irked Jessica. She, and she was sure Ronny, got the feeling from the inspector it was a normal occurrence for people to be snatched off the streets.

Walking out to the motorcycles Jessica asked, “So? Give me your gut impression of Inspector Michaud. Wonder if it’s the same as mine.”

“Don’t trust the bastard. Seemed too willing to give us the answers we wanted to hear. And, I wonder if we’ll get copies of the forensic reports which he promised, not to mention duplicates of whatever fingerprints they lift from the van.”

“I agree with your assumption.” Swinging her leg over Toby’s cycle…

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