Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome back. This week my scene is from my WIP, Maid To Be a Lady. The second book in The House of Somerset series. Here Lady Aleece warns Debbi about one gentleman in particular, Mr. Gerrard.

Debbi was glad the four hour carriage ride passed easily as her mistress had gone over the guest list she’d received in the morning post.

She learned which of the younger ladies had a tendency to try catching a gentleman in a compromising position. Even as Aleece’s companion she’d have to be on the lookout for them to make sure nothing untoward happened.

It, however, was the gentlemen that Debbi found the most interesting. First or second sons of three earls, the middle son of a very minor baronet and the eldest son of an important baron. The only problem with this particular gentleman, or as Lady Aleece referred to him as “this scoundrel”, since he was a rakehell of the first order.

“But, Milady he can’t really be all that bad now could he. Otherwise why would he have been invited to the house party.”

“Ah, but he is. I feel the only reason he received the invitation is because his father and the Earl are old friends who support each other when Parliament sits.”

“I’ll certainly have to be on the alert then.” So Aleece couldn’t see the quizzical expression on her face, Debbi turned her head and gazed out the window.

I wonder what he looks like. Tall, short. No tall with black hair and eyes which can melt a woman’s heart with a smolder glance. Broad shoulder, like Mr. Thomas but from helping to work the land not swinging a sword. Not that I object, both in their own way are dashing and courageous.

“Debbi, stop daydreaming about this rogue.”

It took a second before the words reached far enough into her mind before she turned back.

“I wasn’t thinking about him,” she replied, not realizing she was still worrying her lace handkerchief.

“Oh yes you were and you can’t deny it. You have a tendency to worry something with your hands when you woolgather.”

“I’m sorry Milady. It’s just I’ve never seen a rakehell before, least wise not that I know of. I was wondering what he looked like so I’d know how dangerous to me he is.”

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6 Responses to Sweet Saturday Sample

  1. Carrie-Anne says:

    I hope Debbi knows what she’s getting into if she’s interested in pursuing this fellow! Maybe he’s not as bad as Aleece makes out.

  2. Hope she’s ready to deal with him.

  3. Jenna Jaxon says:

    I fear Debbi’s already in over her head. That much interest in a rakehell is not a good sign. Aleece had better keep a sharp eye on the girl! Fun sample!

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