Sweet Saturday Sample

Last time we read where Lady Aleece was telling the heroine, Debbi, to be on the look out for one rakehell in particular. Now we get to see why in this scene from my WIP, retitled Maid To Be a Baroness.

When the carriage gently rocked to a stop Debbi was surprised when, not a footman as tradition dictated but, Mr. Thomas swung open the door. Patiently she waited while he assisted his love from the out. she started to slide over to climb out unaided when she saw him offer her his hand.

“Allow my assistance Miss. Overstreet.”

She felt her face warm when he called her by her new name. Quickly, she marshaled her thoughts, “Thank you sir,” she said settling her tiny hand in his big strong one.

“Please Miss. Overstreet I insist you call me Thomas as I have so requested from Lady Aleece.”

“If that be the case then call me Debbi,” she paused glancing around for the Earl and Countess but only saw Susan and Jeffrey approaching.

As they got close Debbi gave the appropriate curtsey according to their rank. Rising she clasped her hands in front of her while Aleece warmly greeted them.

She tried not to act surprised when Susan stepped over and as with Aleece embraced her.

“Miss. Overstreet what a pleasure to finally meet you. Aleece has told me all about you and I know we’ll get along famously,” she paused and turned to her brother, “now let me introduce you to Jeff, but don’t worry he may look dangerous but he’s harmless. His fiancée sees to that.”

After she was introduced to him Debbi stepped back to survey the surrounds. Many times she’d come to house parties but always staying in whatever coach assigned and would enter the mansion by the servants entrance, making sure the trunks got to the appropriate room. This would be the first time she’d enter through the main entrance.

Without warning a shiver coursed down her which unfortunately brought Aleece’s attention.

“Are you all right? It’s just like walking through any door. Take a deep breath,” she whispered.

“I don’t think it’s that Lady Aleece. I fear I feel eyes on me and I don’t know if it’s good or what,” she replied in the same voice.

Stepping back from the small group Debbi peered around, letting her gaze carry up to a window overlooking where they were. There she spied the reason for the quiver. The most dashingly handsome man she’d ever seen in her life. Even more his appearance before he hid was exactly as she’d thought.

Tall, taller than she with pitch black hair and broad shoulders. Lips deadly to a woman’s heart in the way he smiled down at her. Before he ducked behind a curtain she noticed he was dressed in a Bath superfine coat with a crisp white shirt and his cravat tied in the latest style.

Oh, if I wasn’t only a lowly lady’s maid that man, even if he is a rakehell, would and could make me the perfect husband. I know from the briefest of glances at him he would care and respect me for me.

Her woolgathering was interrupted by Aleece tugging on the long sleeve of her traveling gown.

To find out a little more of the goings on at the house party, and more, you can find here in my Christmas regency, A Christmas Surprise.

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11 Responses to Sweet Saturday Sample

  1. Jenna Jaxon says:

    I get such a sense of the period from this sample. Debbi seems to be able to fit in well with her betters. And I love your cover for A Christmas Surprise! Great job!

  2. You’ve got the regency bug! I’m enjoying your stories. Congrats!

  3. I like the plot of this story, and your cover for A Christmas Surprise is awesome.

  4. Sherry Gloag says:

    I’m in the middle of reading this and thoroughly enjoying it.

  5. I like that Debbi felt the rakehell’s eyes on her before she actually saw him. There must be a connection between them!

  6. The feelings of not quite fitting in are quite evident…thanks for sharing and showing us this scene. And thanks for visiting my blog.

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