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A Jessica Sales Novel

Word prompt – sexy

“With everything that’s happened, getting the new shipment and Mr. Boris calling, there’s two people we still haven’t heard from. Ronny, John what did you find out when you politely asked Michaud to see the box again?” Jessica asked before taking a bite of her grilled brie and baguette sandwich.

“Nothing and we damn near tore that thing apart.”

“Yeah, sorry but it looks like a dead end. Maybe something else will come alone to help us locate Boris,” Ronny finished.

“No kidding. Something tells me I might have to take him up on his offer. At least going in I’ll know I can’t trust the bastard.”

Jessica knew if she did take Mr. Boris up on his offer it would add an extra danger to the mission. Something she tried to avoid doing as it was usually her that wasn’t at the greatest risk but…

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