A Jessica Sales Novel

Well folks, all good things must come to an end. This is the final scene for my WIP, Red Queen. Next week I’ll be returning to my new WIP, White Queen from which I’ve posted a few scenes from. I hope you all have enjoyed this one and I’m sure you will enjoy the next even more.

As they drove away from the marina Jessica kept her eyes focused on the yacht, now ownerless.

I wonder how I can buy it.

Then it dawned on her, “Toby, what about the diamonds? Did he have them on him?”

“Sure did, right here,” he said, handing over a black velvet bag to her.

She hefted the pouch and was surprised at its weight.

“I don’t have any idea the carat size of this bag is but I’m glad it’s not going into the system to fund terrorists.”

After collecting the last…

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