A Jessica Sales Novel

Word prompt- silent

This is a scene from my newest Jessica Sales WIP- White Queen

“Again, what’s your name, damit?”

hFrom the corner of her vision she caught movement on the deck and inwardly smile.

“Fine, it’s Jessica. Jessica Sales. Now die you bastard.”

The man never got a chance to reply as a slight pop was heard, courtesy of the modified .22 caliber Woodsman and silencer. He collapsed to his knees then fell face forward onto the deck, moaning as he went.

No sooner was he down then the sound of gunfire erupted all around the ship. The noise was mixed with screams of pain, shouts of direction and bodies falling.

As the commotion started to die down Jessica heard a friendly female say, “Let’s get you untied and covered before Ronny gets here or that man won’t live long enough to question him.”

“I like your idea Martina…

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