A Jessica Sales Novel

Word prompt- package

Separating his mouth from her she said in a whispered sensual voice, “Think we got time for some hot sweaty sex?”

“Not.” Toby said from beside them.

Sort of embarrassed at being caught Jessica dropped her head against Ronny’s well-muscled chest. “Damn. You know what a good workout does for me?”

“Yeah,” Ronny whispered before releasing her.

“Okay, why not?” Jessica asked, peering around Ronny to Martina.

“Cause John’s got activity on the GPS tracker on Alfonso’s yacht. Seems it’s heading out to sea. From what Martina learned with a phone call he’s got a woman with him. And this girl fits the description of the kind he likes.”

“Great,” Jessica said stepping back from Ronny. “Sorry babe. Later and that’s a promise.”

He responded with a kiss on her cheek and a slap on her butt to send her in to change.

He watched as she…

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