A Jessica Sales Novel

Word prompt- light

Twenty-five minutes later, the yacht tied to the pier and on shore power, Jessica sent the two SAS members up for food. She then turned to the others and with a smile gathered them to her.

“All right, Martina and I’ll start with the flying bridge and work our way down the outside to the main deck. Each of you take a room, when it’s been thoroughly checked close the door and with your marker put on “X” and your initials on it.”

“Mind if I ask why?” Seamus said.

“That’s so, if we have to search again a different person will do the room,” Toby answered to clarify the question.

“Well, let’s get to work,” Ronny announced, helping Jessica onto the yacht.

After five hours with the only thing found being the computer which John took back to the house, Jessica called it a night. Gathering…

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