Tuesday Tales

A Jessica Sales Novel

This week we had a choice of either “camera” or “noisy”. I chose the first as it fits into my WIP, Rodeo Queen.

As usual please forgive any mistakes or errors you might find.

With John mooning over Shay Jessica knew she’d be safe but it was George she was more concerned with. How to protect him while still accomplishing the task at hand?

She then realized she’d answered her own question. They planned to put video surveillance cameras at the fairground so why not here. The only problem, would he go for it.

“Dad, as I told you the Justin Grey is supposed to be dead but now we know he’s not. Until we now anything different we’re going to go with Shay’s suggestion that he could be here for a terrorist act.”

“From the little I’ve seen of how your people work I don’t think I can be…

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