Tuesday Tales

A Jessica Sales Novel

Yes, folks, you read the genre correctly. I’m trying my hand at writing a Romantic Fantasy. The working title of the WIP is Return of Queen Sala the first book in the Chronicles of Islana.


She appreciated the loving warm smile from her mother and with another peck on the cheek headed to the stairs and her bedroom.

“Hang on a sec babe. You can’t nap on an empty stomach. Come back and I’ll give you a small slice of chocolate cake.”

She knew what a small slice meant, anywhere from just that to the outside edge measuring a good three inches. Enough to but the most diehard chocoholic into a comma. Her mother had been known to use at least a pound of semi-sweet baker chocolate in the icing alone, another half-pound in the cake itself.

“With ice cold milk?” Sallie Ann called back.

“What else. Can’t have a…

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