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Welcome to Sweet Saturday Samples. This is part of a scene from my romantic fantasy WIP, Return of Queen Sala, the first book in “The Chronicles of Islana” series. As usual please forgive any mistakes or errors you might find.

NOTE: toward the end of the scene you will see the word “dult”. No “adult” isn’t spelled wrong but how these people refer to adults.


From through the crowd Queen Sala watched as nine people, all in bright red robes, approach. She knew them to be the village elders even though two didn’t appear as old as the rest. They would offer her welcome on behalf of everyone, something from what Aravan just told her she’d have in all the hamlets under her protection.

“Your Majesty, it is a pleasure to welcome you to our humble village,” the eldest of them said before dropping to her knee with her head down and arms extended to the side.

From all around she noticed the others do the same which brought a frown to her. Again, she knew this was something she’d want to change. Yes, her people lived free but she felt there was no reason one should be singled out above all the rest. This she added to her mental list of things which needed to change.

“Thank you for your warm welcome. Please, everyone rise,” she called out in a firm tone.

As with Aravan she was pleased they did as asked. Now her task was to see about the raising of his daughter then look into why there were so many in the village.

“Elders, I wish to converse with the women who assist Aravan with the female teaching of his daughter. After which I will need to discuss the over population of the town. For that I am truly sorry as my absence seems to have created hardships for everyone.”

“As you wish,” the same person who greeted her said.

Sala turned to Aravan then back to the speaker, “We shall await them in his abode.” She tried not to make her voice sound to demanding but warm and welcoming.

“I would be honored,” he replied then with a gentle pat on Ariella’s set her off to play with other descendants of her age.

The queen was pleased and let him know, with a smile, she approved of his decision not to include the girl in the meeting. She knew there were some things dults talked about which the little ones didn’t need to be involved in.

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5 Responses to Sweet Saturday Sample

  1. Sue says:

    Sounds like there’s much she wishes to change…

  2. Intriguing excerpt. The book sounds great.

  3. Sarah Cass says:

    Interesting. I hope she manages to make the changes she plans for.

  4. Jenna Jaxon says:

    She seems very progressive in her planned changes, much like the Prince at the end of The King and I. I hope she’s allowed to make those changes. Nice sample.

  5. jeff salter says:

    you’ve got me wondering what’s going to happen next: between her and the man, her and the girl, and what she’ll do about the population problem. Nice.

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