A Jessica Sales Novel

Some of you might remember that Martina and Toby were kidnapped by the villain Mr. Boris. Well, it’s time for their rescue from the chateau.

Jessica Sales choice of knife.

As you can guess the word prompt this week is knife.

This is a WIP scene from Red Queen so you might find mistakes. Sorry.

“Got ya. Let me know when you move?”

“K. Moving down the slope know.”

She wasn’t surprised Ronny didn’t respond since they’d worked together for so long. She and he knew silence was the order of the night as Jessica slowly, carefully and painfully made her way toward the target.

Slinging her Remington 700 over her back Jessica, hand over hand, worked her way up the wall, courtesy of a former owner who’d let ivy and other climbing plants overtake the side. At the base of the window she secured herself with a ‘D-ring’ to…

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